Three fake campaigns of compulsive contrarians' busted in a single day: Jaitley

In blog titled Three Fake Campaigns Busted in a Single Day', Jaitley said that Nirav started cheating banks in 2011.

Update: 2019-03-22 03:42 GMT
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. (Photo: ANI)

New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Thursday said fake campaigns of ‘compulsive contrarians’ on three issues – the Hindu terror theory, the Godhra incident and Nirav Modi case - were busted in a single day.

In the Samjhauta Express blast case, the trial court on Wednesday dismissed the UPA government’s theory of Hindu terror; while in the Godhra case, the court convicted one more person. Also, the fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi was arrested in the United Kingdom on the same day.

 “…a fundamental difference between truth and falsehood is that truth holds together and falsehood falls apart. To each fake campaign of the ‘compulsive contrarians’ over a period of time, ultimately the truth has prevailed. Either it is the electoral mandate or the judicial process which gives the final verdict,” Jaitley said in his blog titled ‘Three Fake Campaigns Busted in a Single Day.’ Jaitley said Nirav Modi started cheating the public sector banks in 2011.

Modi’s crime was detected in 2018 by the banks and investigating agencies under the present government, Jaitley said, adding that Modi’s assets have been frozen, are being auctioned, criminal prosecution against him has been filed, recovery action for the dues owed to the banks and creditors are being pursued.

 “On our request, he has now been arrested and denied bail. There is a strong unanswerable case against him and hopefully India will get him back. Whoever cheats India and its institutions cannot get away. He will be found out. This also busts the fake campaign that the present government had anything to do with him,” Jaitley said.

The minister said there is an inherent danger in relying only on fake issues. “I hope the manufacturers of fake campaign learn some lesson. They don’t seem to be considering their brazen attitude,” he added.


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