Modi Cautions on Dangers of Deepfakes

Modi cautioned that deepfakes can lead to a big crisis and urged the media to spread awareness about their misuse and educate people

Update: 2023-11-17 19:21 GMT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (PTI)

New Delhi: Amidst growing concern over the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) after deepfakes of some celebrities created massive outrage lately, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday cautioned that deepfakes can lead to a big crisis and urged the media to spread awareness about their misuse and educate people.

Addressing the media during the BJP's "Diwali Milan'' event at the party headquarters in the national capital, the Prime Minister said that he recently saw a deepfake video of him performing garba, even though he has not done so since schooldays.

The Prime Minister also said that during a recent meeting with the representatives of the ChatGPT company, he suggested that there should be a warning or some disclaimer to clarify that the video is a deepfake. Just like health warnings on tobacco products.

Raising concerns over the possible misuse of AI and its potential to stoke discontent in society, the Prime Minister said, "In a diverse society like ours, deepfakes can cause a big crisis and even stoke the fire of discontent as people generally trust anything associated with the media in the same way anyone clad in 'gerua' (saffron) tends to get respect from others.”

"A new crisis is emerging due to deepfakes produced through artificial intelligence. There is a big section of society that does not have a parallel verification system," the Prime Minister told journalists at the programme and sought their support to raise awareness.

Deepfake videos are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness.

The Prime Minister noted that earlier, a movie with some controversial comments would come and go, but now it goes on to become a big issue. As a precautionary measure, he suggested that deepfakes should carry disclosures.

After the recent outrage over recent deepfake videos of film actors, the Centre had sent a reminder to social media platforms regarding the creation and circulation of deepfakes, which carry a strong penalty of '1 lakh in fine and three years in jail.

Referring to his resolve for "Viksit Bharat" (developed India) by 2047, the Prime Minister said these are not merely words but a ground reality.

He suggested the "vocal for local" campaign has found people’s support, noting that a business of around '4.5-lakh crores has taken place in the Diwali week, including those related to Chhath.

India’s achievements during the Covid-19 pandemic created confidence among people that the country is not going to stop now, Mr Modi said, adding that about 130 countries attended a Global South summit hosted by India, which he addressed before attending the Diwali Milan programme.

"A time comes in the life of a nation that can launch it to a higher trajectory and this is what is happening to India," he asserted, urging the media to give strength to the programme for making the country develop by highlighting the country’s strengths without resorting to any untruth.

Ideas related to developed India and the economy are going to be at the centre of discourse for the next 25 years and people are accepting of the way the country has been progressing, said the Prime Minister.


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