7 Chinese warships in Indian Ocean detected

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P-8I can fly for very long hours giving it the capability to track down ships at a large distance in the ocean.

Chinese amphibious warship Xian 32 tracked and clicked by the Indian Navy spy plane P-8I in the southern Indian Ocean Region. (Photo: ANI)

New Delhi: Indian Navy’s spy planes have detected seven Chinese Navy warships moving in and around the Indian Ocean Region, including an over 27,000 tonnes amphibious vessel, said sources. According to sources P-8I anti-submarine warfare spy planes are tracking movement of Chinese Ships in the region.  P-8I can fly for very long hours giving it the capability to track down ships at a large distance in the ocean.

The picture sent by surveillance include that of Chinese Landing Platform Dock Xian-32,  which was passing through the Southern Indian Ocean Region before it entered the Sri Lankan waters earlier this month. Indian Navy has also detected six Chinese warships which are involved in anti-piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

According to sources these ships move in a batch of three vessels which also include one oil tanker.

“The three vessels of Chinese counter-piracy escort taskforce 32 were coming back from Gulf of Aden and three vessels of counter-piracy escort taskforce 33 were moving to take their place. They are being constantly monitored during their presence in the Indian Ocean when they pass closer to Indian exclusive economic zone and territorial waters,” said sources.

Sources said that six ships in the region were more than what was required to take anti-piracy operations and could be part of China plans to show its domination in the sea.

However, senior officials dismissed any alarming situation in the movement of the Chinese ship in the area.

“At any point multiple nations ships move in the Indian Ocean Region. These  Chinese ships were away from Indian territorial waters and seem to be a normal exchange of duthe ties with one batch coming from Gulf of Aden after completing it tenure and another going there,” said a senior official.

He said there was no purpose for these ships to come to close to Indian territorial waters as it would have only resulted in them burning more fuel.