Efforts for surrender of Naxals intensified, says Rajnath Singh

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However, the security forces will continue to retaliate and carryout strikes against hardcore Naxal, officials added.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh (Photo: PTI | File)

New Delhi: Encouraged by the recent success of surrender of 62 Naxals in Chhattisgarh a few days ago which Home Minister Rajnath Singh had described as a huge success, security forces, particularly those operating in Maoist-infested Bastar district, have now been directed to focus more on getting the Naxal cadres to surrender rather than launching armed operations against them.

The home ministry is also working on a new surrender policy offering more incentives to the surrendered Naxals in wake of one of the biggest surrenders in recent times.

As of now surrendered Naxals are offered ince-ntives ranging from fina-ncial compensation, wit-hdrawal of cases, providing accommodation and in some cases even gov-ernment jobs particularly in Chhattisgarh supported by the Union home ministry.

However, sources clai-med, that home ministry feels with surrender of such a large number of Naxals, particularly in region like Bastar in four days, the surrender policy needs to be made more attractive as a large number of other cadres are now willing to give up arms.

Sources claimed that intelligence and security agencies operating in Naxal dominated areas of Chhattisgarh have been specifically directed to focus more on convincing the Naxals, with help of local sympathisers, to join the ``mainstream’’ rather than focusing on armed operations. However, the security forces will continue to retaliate and carryout strikes against hardcore Naxal cadre based on specific intelligence inputs, officials added.

In addition, security forces have been asked to increase their presence in Naxal areas by setting up special camps for tactical advantage and provide them a psychological edge which security officials feel will also help to force Naxal cadres to give up arms.

``The recent surrender of  these 62 lower range committee cadres is a big success as it comes close on the heels of the Assembly elections. People in the Bastar can not vote without any fear as Naxals have given a call to boycott the polls. We feel that if we make the surrender policy more attractive and increase pressure on them a lot of Naxal cadres are willing to surrender now. We will soon come out with a comprehensive revised policy on this issue,’’ a senior security official involved in anti-Naxal operations added.