Pro-Azaadi slogans appear on walls in Bengaluru

the asian age  | MK Ashoka

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Anti-Modi, anti-CAA slogans written on compound wall of NCC building

Police rushed to erase the graffiti.

Bengaluru: Police of this city were jolted alert when ‘free Kashmir’ graffiti appeared on walls in the vicinity of defence land this morning.

The graffiti in big bold letters was written on the compound wall of a building belonging to the National Cadet Corps (NCC), just 200 m from the Defence Enclave. A statue commemorating the Kargir war hero, Major Sandeep Unnikrishanan, is located near this spot.

The writers also inscribed ‘No CAA, No Modi’ slogans on the wall.

Sensing trouble, police decided to whitewash the graffiti. They were not certain who wrote the slogans.