Unveil the stories on fabric with Parama Ghosh


The simple motifs on Parama’s fabrics mixed with vivid colours and expressions have always been the main limelight for her brand

Parama Ghosh

Saree is not only a piece of cloth for women but a trip down the memory lane. Most of the sarees in a woman’s closet are either inherited or acquired over the years. In this ever-changing fashion industry, Saree is a constant.

Parama Ghosh, a Kolkata based designer, not only has changed the definition of traditional clothing but has also highlighted the ordinary aspects of life in her designs. The simple motifs on Parama’s fabrics mixed with vivid colours and expressions have always been the main limelight for her brand.

Parama Ghosh weaves her imaginations, thoughts, and concepts surrounding the most mundane aspects of life and brings out of the hem, the most unique embroidered stories.

Parama represents traditional art forms like Kantha, Batik, Jamdani in her work.

Parama Ghosh’s quirky designs like Kolkata skyline, Hibiscus, Map of Kumartuli, lines from old songs, film posters have diminished the barrier of conventionality in the fashion industry gifting it a whole new perspective.

We all know that a gorgeous saree is incomplete without its best companion, blouse. A blouse can make or break a saree's look.

Parama has some new-age blouse collections that add up a whole new beauty to your Saree.

Thota Vaikuntam Inspirations, Shiuli Phool, Ranga mathae Chiruni, the Madras series and many more snippets of life have always been made a part of her blouse designsm

Also, the vintage blouse collections featuring “Madhubala”-a concoction of brocade, net, and lace and the  lacey Thakur Bari inspired blouses, “Shahachari” Kantha on handwoven tussars, "Bobby" - bringing the iconic Seventies Polka dots and many others will send you back to the black and white era of life and silver screens.

In Parama’s words “I use the tagline “Stories on fabric” because each of my creations has a story to tell. But it’s not the story of extraordinary things of life that most of the people crave for but the stories on mundane that we live with yet don’t value much. Parama is all about celebrating everyday life. Because I feel that often, the extraordinary is temporary while the mundane stays with us exactly how you can not have biriyani every day but rice and daal is a constant in our life”.

If you want to wear fabrics that narrate stories of every day, do contact Parama on her social media sites or drop in at her studio which is at P98 Lake Terrace, Kolkata 700029 booking an appointment by dialing 9830459687/9051852803.

You can also visit BARO in 12, Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, or the People Tree Design Studio in House No. 6, Cursino Villa, Calangute Anjuna Rd, Saunta Vaddo, Bardez, Assagao, Goa to get the fabrics with everyday stories by Parama Ghosh.

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