Yeager Digital founder Mohammad Nayem & Tanjid Ahmed touch new heights


One of the best and creative Digital Marketers, Mohammed Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed, work together to convert their dreams into reality

Mohammad Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed has combined Public Relations and Marketing under the roof of Yeager Digital.

Everybody dreams to be successful, but few make it happen in reality. Some of those few people turn their fortune wheel at a small age and become successful. Success does not come with luck. Opportunities come when you seek opportunities. When you put dedication, hard work, and patience 10X times better than anyone surrounding you, eventually success comes to your door, and people call it luck.

Successful people make their luck on their own. They do not wait for god or any miracle to happen on one fine day and bring success. Nobody becomes successful overnight. Nowadays when a video goes viral on social media people call it an overnight success, but in reality that video consists of too many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and lots of passion, creativity along with core commitment.

Digital marketing is not everyone’s Cup of tea because it requires a lot of encouragement and motivation, to begin with. Mohammed Nayem surely did stand his ground and manage to learn about digital marketing to be somebody in his life, instead of just going with the flow.

Growing up, Nayem Had a lot of motivation and expectations from his life despite the hardships and difficulties that he must have to go through. Most of the time, growing up, the young people back off from their goals because they consider them to be too difficult and unattainable. This never stopped him from dreaming. He is a Digital Marketing Expert, a young lad from Bangladesh, and one of the best Entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Yeager Digital, which is rising in popularity in leaps and bounds.

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience is reached through a cost-efficient and measurable approach. Mohammed Nayem well learns all these techniques since he has to work along with these quite regularly. One of the best and creative Digital Marketers, Mohammed Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed, work together to convert their dreams into reality.

Yeager Digital focuses on making modern PR plans for individual clients that correlates with the brand-building activity. Mohammad Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed has combined Public Relations and Marketing under the roof of Yeager Digital.

Meet Tanjid Ahmed, a man who made himself from zero to hero, literally. Tanjid Ahmed was born in the small town of Chittagong City in Bangladesh. His father, Mesbah Uddin, was a simple man of meagre means, and there were often nights when Tanjid and his family would have to go to sleep on an empty stomach. As much as Tanjid looked up to his father, he still had many more ambitions and desires in his life. Tanjid’s motivation was to make his parents happy and to give them a comfortable life in their old age.

At a young age, right after finishing his higher secondary, Tanjid Ahmed moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital. He was armed with determination and a youthful sense of hope, and Dhaka was the perfect place for him to begin his journey. Tanjid had always had a flair for digital marketing and had worked with a lot of social media and marketing houses as an intern in the past. He used these prior experiences and connections in the industry to land himself a good job. Today his clientele consists of a wide variety of people- anyone can hire his services if they want him to endorse their product or business. He also specializes in content creation and advises on networking and search engine optimization to his customers.

Nayem and Tanjid always keep their eyes wide open when it’s time to explore a new venture for his business Yeager Digital. While creating a strong brand endorsement story for his client, Nayem & Tanjid also maintains the authenticity to deliver more than 100% of their abilities so that his clients always remember the benefits they earned with the help of Yeager Digital.

Too many PR agencies in the market have increased the competition in general but if the standard remains outstanding for a longer period of time, then any brand makes its place in the midst of a highly competitive environment.

Building brand recognition and magnifying professional authority is the main purpose of Yeager Digital. To ensure these services, Yeager Digital hires high skilled professional writers, adroit web developers, and web organizers.

Having a great relationship with media houses is one of the most important characteristics a PR consultant should acquire. Nayem & Tanjid is a well communicative person, and his age does not define his experience.

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