Jhansi Rani Vedachalam’s skincare brand ‘Jiore’ revolutionizes women empowerment


With a leap of faith and determined mindset, Vedachalam began her journey towards excellence

Jhansi Rani Vedachalam

It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. But who’s there behind every successful woman? It’s her courage and her selflessness behaviour towards everything.

Today we are spotlighting one of the most fabulous females who is running a successful cosmetic brand and is inspiring and empowering other women to work towards their goals.

Jhansi Rani Vedachalam, the founder of skincare brand ‘Jiore’ has brought a revolution with the products and services in the market. Her journey from quitting the corporate job to building a business empire is an inspiration in itself.

Jhansi has earlier worked in Microsoft and IBRD (International Bank For Reconstruction and Development) which is the lending arm of World Bank Group. With having worked in two of the biggest global companies, she did not feel contented and wanted to start her own venture.

However, her parents were not pleased with her decision of quitting the job. With a leap of faith and determined mindset, Vedachalam began her journey towards excellence. It was after leaving Microsoft, Jhansi learnt cosmetology in Atlanta, USA.

Her experiment of formulating soaps with natural ingredients like chrysanthemum and lemongrass oil helped her in treating her hormonal acne. She did not look back after that and has taken ‘Jiore’ on a top-notch level.

Today the company has made its presence among other well-known skincare brands. ‘Jiore’ has got 80% of the employees who are women and homemakers.

“All the women are offered flexible working hours and are given equal opportunities as working women have a great contribution to education, health and wellness.

Giving opportunities to every woman out there, we also provide work from home options and encourage the women to establish something of their own.” It has given women the forefront to launch their own startups and this company is empowering women like no other.

There are many products under the brand but the glass skin combo stands apart which gives guaranteed results of poreless and scarless skin. It has also got one of a kind of facial soap which promotes the growth of collagen.

Using cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients, it is the higher customer satisfaction which has worked in favour of this skincare brand. Intending to expand 100 outlets in the next 2 years across India, ‘Jiore’ has picked up fast among the other skincare products.

To know about the brand you can follow them on their Instagram page ‘@jiore.official’ or you can even buy their products on www.jioreskincare.in.