Love is the winner, say television stars

The Asian Age.  | Sameena Razzaq

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On Valentine’s Day, TV actors turn love gurus, as they share their two bits on tall things love.

Ravi Dubey

The love vs. lust debate has raged on through centuries. But, what exactly is love? Does love at first sight exist and is lust a part of it? On Valentine’s Day, TV actors turn love gurus, as they share their two bits on tall things love. Read on:
Ssudeep Sahir: I think love and lust are part of the same coin — there should be some lust in love. Pure lust leads to meaningless encounters, but love is something that is long lasting. While lust definitely happens at first sight, since it is nothing more than physical attraction, love is a deeper and meaningful connection which takes time. Although, I will admit that love can happen at first sight too. I felt it when I met my wife for the first time.

Adaa Khan: Lust is purely physical. Love may happen at first sight, and it takes time to grow. That being said, I feel that love and lust are natural. However, lust is superficial and can fade away with time.

There is a lot of difference between love and lust. When you love a person, it is from your soul. Lust is something that is temporary. I also think that you cannot fall in love over and over again.

Karan Wahi: I think there is nothing like love at first sight because when you see someone and like them, it’s just attraction. Also, love is a very strong word; it takes time to fall in love with someone. I also think that lust doesn’t exist, and it is a form of attraction and want. Lust is purely physical, but when you love someone, you love different qualities about the person. And this, I think, is the major difference.

Ravi Dubey: Lust is biological, anatomical, primate but natural. Love, on the other hand, is beyond one’s physical appearances. In love, your energy, destiny and lives are entwined together. The combination of the two is intense. I don’t believe in love at first sight. At first sight, I think only attraction is possible, but this could definitely evolve into love over time.

Aishwarya Sakuja: Lust is an emotion that has been frowned upon as a human weakness for centuries. Love, meanwhile, is eternal, beautiful and something that makes the world go round. I do believe in love at first sight. I believe that when you meet your soulmate, you fall for them. This is what happened with me.