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Delhi girl Shibani Kashyap talks about her journey and how she has evolved over the years.

Shibani is more into romantic than peppy and item songs. Her songs may not be recognised by many, but appreciated by those who understand her style.

A song can be melodious only to those who have acquired a liking for it. It holds true for singer Shibani Kashyap. Though, the singer claims that her fame has touched heights after Sajna aa bhi jaa'and she had a huge fan following after the success of song from the movie Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II, but a whole lot would beg to differ. Some say that her voice sounds robotic while others don't believe that she is an actual singer.

This Delhi girl has come a long way and now doesn't even bother to react to all these comments. It may be unknown for a lot, the singer-composer was first recognised as well as got into the fame game with AIR’s signature tune and has never really looked back.

Moving to Mumbai meant a big struggle, especially for house-hunting. So she decided to buy her own house. She had her own struggle. “I shifted to Mumbai in 2010. I remember because I bought my house there. I was very clear that I'm not going to live there on rent. That’s totally a different kind of struggle.  When you’re single and you try to find a house in Mumbai, everyone will be having more than a thousand questions leading to a numerous problems,” she says.

Recently, her music video ‘Wanna be free’ created quite a stir on social media. While there has been a huge positive response from the audience, some have also found faults in her way of holding the microphone or even her appearance in the video. The music video focuses on how overuse of electronic devices especially mobiles have affected people's personal or social life. But the Zinda hu main fame knows to handle all these and instead advises the youngsters againt misuse of social media. She happily shares,

The singer has recently voiced for a song Girlfriend in the movie Gun Pe Done. Spraking about ther recent project, Shibani chirps, “This is the first time I indulged in singing an item song. I have never sung an item song before. This song gave me an appeal as it is so melodious. It'll make you dance but at the same time it's got a lot of melody. I’m known for romantic, clubby, soulful tunes. But this time I'm really happy that I got to explore other areas of music.” But, her honest opinion is that she always enjoys mushy stuff more than these peppy songs.

The feeling in a song is more important than any other component. That is what she believes in, and that is what she believes her songs are about.

But, people can't be quite convinced about her view and what her songs try and convey. Anyhow, this Delhi girl is keen on accepting challenges and says that she has a long way to go and has a lot of exploration left.