In search of divine vibes!

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Having gained instant fame with the release of his song Fakeera Ghar Aaja in Junglee.

Jubin Nautiyal

Dehradun’s talent, Jubin Nautiyal, has been the talk of B-town throughout his music career. Starting from Sonali Cable to 2019’s Junglee, Jubin’s song gained fame within moments of its release. The singer openly chats about the past, present and future of women in this country while at the same time giving us a sneak peek into his life’s moments and phases that are unknown to a lot of us.

Take on gender parity

If you go back in the history of our country, you would realise that gender parity has been a big issue it has been there with us from a long time. But now, at least people are aware of the fact and also understand the importance of gender equality. Women mature faster than men. They are more intelligent than men. That is what I believe. They are very efficient when it comes to work. Back in school I used to see how girls used to look at their studies and how boys used to do the same. So, when they are smarter and are so committed towards anything they do, I can definitely say that my take on gender parity is that women should get more representation, more opportunities to showcase their intelligence and display their work as well.

Path finders

I’ve three strong pillars when it come to music and singing. The first one is definitely Nusrat sa’ab, the other is Kishoreda and of course Rafi sa’ab. The three of them sum up everything in Hindi singing. Kishoreda taught me how to use expression, Rafi sa’ab taught me how to convey the biggest things softly and politely. Nusrat sa’ab taught me how a singer can sound live when he is recording or so recorded when he is singing live. So, for expression, beauty or style I couldn’t expect greater a path finder than them.

Low phase in life

Of course everybody has low phases in their lives. For me, there were times when I was in a dark space. But as I said, you know after all said and done that moment when I’m with my guitar I do forget everything. It’s like meditation. I do get spiritual or divine vibes. In that moment, I’m not singing for you, my family or even myself. I’m singing to God who resides in me and gives me the strength to carry on. This moment has proven to be so strong so many times that I can snap out of depression after these sessions.

A complement worth remembering

The best complement that I’ve received till date is from my teacher, Vandana Shrivastava, our music guide in Welham Boys’. Although I’ve shifted to Bombay, still I keep in touch with her. Recently I went to school and after all those years, she heard me singing again. Her expressions and her smile made me feel better than any spoken complement that I’ve received. She has trained me from a young age and now I’m by God’s grace a singer. She has a huge role to play in whatever I am today.

Favourite song of all time

Favourite song of all time: I have a lot of favourite songs. But if I have to choose one Yeh Jeevan Hai, Iss jeevan Ka yahin hai Rang-Roop is definitely the one. It’s a beautiful song, though old, but it’s my all time favourite. This is a song which my father taught me and it will always stay with me.