Bharaate movie review: A hero, so many villains and that's it!

The Asian Age.  | Shashiprasad SM

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The classic example of 'too many cooks spoil the broth' holds good to this one written and directed by Chethan Kumar.

Still from Bharaate movie.
Rating: 1.5/5

Director: Chethan Kumar

Cast: Srii Murali, Sree Leela, Thara, Thejasvi, Avinash, Saikumar, Ravishankar, Aiyappa, Kuri Pratap, Sadhu Kokila

Mumbai: Take one hero and then add dozens of villains before stirring it well with umpteen number of subplots including a pretty girl and every other comedian available at hand for a final product similar to a feature film like Bharaate. Further, not to forget all those countless bodies plus the buildup dialogues and multiple fight sequences! To make it even worse, make sure the duration of the movie is at least 2 hour 45 minutes.

In a first of its kind, Bharaate is a ready-made recipe for how not to make a movie with too much of everything. The classic example of 'too many cooks spoil the broth' holds good to this one written and directed by Chethan Kumar. It straightaway make it to the list of top ten nerve-wracking movies made in the recent past.

Despite the honest effort of Srii Murali, the soul part of it crumbles on every single aspect. In order to make it look grandeur, Chethan has faltered big time with a senseless story attached with record breaking villains in a single movie.

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While it is a challenge by itself to make oneself understand the gist of Bharaate with a clear picture, it is no less than a jigsaw puzzle full of villains, who keep popping out now and then right till the end. If one may lose on counting the number of villains, the dead bodies are another task to watch out for.

Of them all, the grand infusion of Ayurveda in the tale deserves an applause! Also, there is a must watch fight sequence in the first half wherein our hero thrashes the bad guys at the desert choreographed on the lines of Kamal Hassan's lethal ancient martial art in the 1996 released film 'Indian'.

The actual twist is when the fight is over and the hero, an expert in Ayurvedic treatment, later treats them all!

Jagan, the protagonist played by Srii Murali lives happily with his parents in Rajasthan. He and his father are gifted with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, who consider it as a service to treat the needy. He then meets a pretty lady and then starts encountering endless villains before finally landing up in Badami.

Yes, amongst all the disappointments, Srii Murali has tried something new for the first time in the second half. Bharaate is something which even diehard fans of a star actor would want to quickly erase it from their minds.