Suvarna Sundari movie review: Back to the centuries old fantasy!

The Asian Age.  | SHASHIPRASAD S.M.

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Surprisingly the entire cast has put up an impressive act, which adds onto the curious case of the idol Trinetri.

A still from the film.
Rating: 3/5

Director: MSN Surya

Cast: Jayapradha, Poorna, Sakshi, Tilak, Avinash, Jai Jagadish, Shaan, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.

For over a decade, the number of Kannada films getting released in a calendar year has been on the rise with the previous year crossing 200 mark! It was a record by itself. While there have been several factors behind it, the main reason is undoubtedly the filmmakers especially newcomers attempting experimental movies across various genres. Suvarna Sundari, falls under one such category which caters to those audience, who thrive for supernatural elements wrapped up in a 'mysterious' tale.

Dating back to 15th century, the fictional story revolves around an idol called 'Suvarna Sundari', which is also known as Trinetri. Its effects and consequences of misusing it what the two plus hours of on-screen drama is all about. While an archeologist, played by Jayapradha, who returns to silver screen, is seen in a role protecting the idol from falling into the hands of baddies. They are behind it for its high value in the International black market.

The transition from 15th century to the present day is one of the routines throughout the venture. The technicalities with regard to its making could have been bettered for a smoother narration, which is one of the few shortcomings when experiencing the mystery killings.

Inspired by a Hollywood suspense thriller, Suvarna Sundari has a different twist in its tale apart from the striking similarities to that of a group of people who are stuck in an elevator, followed by mysterious circumstances which leads to their killing. Stuck in the elevator are the protagonists including an astrologer. The evil side of the idol starts unleashing its power even as the archeologist with the help of godly intervention tries to contain it from total destruction. To the question on what happens to the idol, is answered in the end.

Surprisingly the entire cast has put up an impressive act, which adds onto the curious case of the idol Trinetri. Bored of watching the same old love cum action stories filled with songs, dance and thundering dialogues? Then, go watch Suvarna Sundari for its supernatural elements.