Instagram model Sameer Mark is taking social media by storm!

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Saraj Anwar aka Sameer Mark is surely an influencer to look out for.

Sameer Mark.

Mumbai: Saraj Anwar aka Sameer Mark is the Instagram model with more than 1.2 million followers. His story is one of perseverance and a will to leave his mark, perhaps this is why he chose his last name as Mark. the Instagram star inculcated an interest in modelling during his High school year and in its pursuit, he faced a lot of rejection. However, his friends were very supportive in his quest of becoming a model. His friends suggested him to make an Instagram account and to post pictures.

And soon began his Instagram career but it wasn’t a smooth ride either.

The first few years were hard, with no money for clothes or to hire a camera, Sammer would take a bus all the way to Juhu so he could use a friends cell phone and camera. His first phone was worth rupees 2500. After a heartbreaking split from his girlfriend, Sammer decided to focus more on his career and himself.

But there was one hurdle that Sammer had to face again and again - Hacking. His account got hacked several times resulting in him creating another account. Sammer didn't see this as a hurdle though, it just motivated him to strive harder and try his best. His fans stayed true to him and stuck by him in his struggle.

His perseverance, humbleness and talent have brought him so far and got him loyal 1.2 million people who believe in him and support his dream. He is surely an influencer to look out for.