Katie Price to go sober for a year


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She has decided to have a clean year after a drunken incident involving her disabled son.

Katie Price

Entrepreneur and TV star Katie Price has vowed to quit drinking after a drunken rant about her 14-year-old disabled son, Harvey.

Early last week, the mother of five, who was quite drunk at an event, was recorded saying, “I love all my kids, even though Harvey... anyway. Whatever,” reported Dailymail.co.uk. Apart from that, Price was also spotted stumbling around the party before she lifted her dress to reveal her breasts to guests.

After the recording of her rant was widely shared, Price tried to deny it, but she told the TV show Loose Women that ‘she was a nightmare when drunk’. She further admitted that it doesn’t take too many drinks to get her inebriated, but even then she has not tried going sober for a long time without being pregnant. She was quoted on the show saying, “It’s taken me 38 years to do this. I’ve never done dry January and I’m not going to drink for the whole year.”