No competition between us: Vishal Dadlani

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Vishal is Sindhi and I am a Gujarati and this is undoubtedly a deadly combination, says Shekhar Ravjiani.

Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani

Music composers Vishal-Shekhar’s latest song Ghunghroo Toot Gaye from the Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff superhit film, War, has become a huge sensation. In fact, this is the number that is being played at most dance parties across India and abroad too. Here is interview with the talented duo.

How did the idea of this song, Ghunguro, come about?   
Vishal: We were working on a dance track. We needed something that was super cool, super laidback, something that showed the personality of Hrithik Roshan and how he was able to gain the confidence of this girl immediately just in one meeting. And all of that needed to be in the song and it couldn’t be said; it just needed to be part of the vibe.

How did the music of the song fall in to place?    
Shekhar: The song took a couple of days to complete. It wasn’t really complicated but it took about six months of trying different ideas to get to this concept right.

How many days did you’ll take to complete it?    
Vishal: So we came up with the groove, started writing melodies for it. Director Siddharth Anand was sitting with Shekhar and me and the song progressed very organically. Infact, even  Abhijit Nalani, who has produced the song, and Waren Mendonza, who played guitars, were also present. So we just kept throwing ideas at each other and the song evolved really organically.

What were the things you’ll had to keep in mind?
Shekhar: We had already done this path, Bang Bang, with Hrithik and Siddharth. So we we tried a lot of other songs. But the ease that we needed was only  found, when we came back home to this sound. It just went in sync with the story of the film, the situation, the location and all of it. So with everything falling in place, we went ahead with it.

Did you’ll expect to song to be such a huge hit?
Vishal: When we had the melody, we knew we had something really good. Once Kumar wrote the lyrics, it got better. No sooner did  Abhijit Nalani come in and produce the track and Warren Mendonsa played the  guitar. After that when we had the product close to final, we knew that this is going to be out of the park. The most confident of all of us was director Siddharth Anand, who knew the first time we heard the bare melody that this was going to be a huge hit song.

Where and when did your union with Vishal Begin?
Shekhar: We enjoy working together... Simply because we are very close friends and   we look forward to composing new and fresh tunes every day. While I was composing jingles for Mad Films, and also working for Raj Kaushal, that’s when I met Vishal in their studious. However, then Vishal was doing another film. Therafter, one fine day, we met, introduced each other with our work. And then we did the title track for Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi. From this point in time we have been together and there has been no looking back.’

What do you feel about Participating as judges in different reality shows...
Shekhar: There is no competition between Vishal and me. We always discuss everything with each other. When we work together, it’s like a package deal. So when judging separately, we get paid individually. Vishal is Sindhi and I am a Gujarati and this is undoubtedly a deadly combination. How can we let go money! Yes, if any channel will readily pay both of us a huge paypack then we can judge the same show.

We may be working separately at times but our aim is always the same. We aim at giving the best singer to our country. Often we invite singers with great voice to our studious and introduce them to each other.