No casting couch issue but was asked to compromise in remunerations: Kanchan Awasthi

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Kanchan’s big break with Prakash Jha production will give her an entry into the big league of filmmakers.

Kanchan Awasthi.

Mumbai: Kanchan Awasthi appeared in the Indian Television show ‘Amma’. She did a film titled ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’ and now she is working in lead role with a Marathi director Shantunu Anant Tambe for his debut Hindi film titled ‘Bhootwaali Love story.’ However Kanchan’s big break with Prakash Jha production will give her an entry into the big league of film makers.

So how did she make it to this big banner ala, Prakash Jha Production house? Did she have to face any casting couch issues?

She replies, “No not at all. I have never faced any such [casting cast] problems at all. First and foremost it so happened that Director Saurabh Shrivastava was looking for a female who would suit the UPITE bahu. She had to play the fourth wife of Arshad.I was thus called for audition. I cleared the first audition; the second one too was cleared by me. Thereafter I was called for a look test. I was just keeping my finger crossed to get this role. To my luck and surprise I was signed and then   called to attend the shoot.”

Holding her breath for some time she continues, “However, I was asked to make a little compromise in my remunerations (pay packet). But to tell you the truth I was paid more than my expectations. The payment made to me by Prakash Jha productions was much more than I expected. So it was really a fair deal as I not only got a chance to work with them but pocketed enough money too.”

So did she meet Diector Praksah Jha?, comes a reply, “Not really, as the film ‘Fraud Saiyyan’ is being directed by Sorabh Shrivastava, Prakash Jha sir rarely came on the sets. However, he was there for the climax scene. Prakash Jha sir has canned the climax scene. He is happy on the whole for the film.  I have not had a one on one interaction with him.”

Praksah Jha productions film titled ‘Fraud Saiyyan’ which was wrapped recently, will soon be releasing. The film is directed by Sourabh Shrivastava. And Arshad Warsi plays the title role of - Fraud Saiyyan, handling not one but almost four wives. It’s a hilarious comedy that gives away the secret of how men try to emotionally fool women. To know the ways and means in which a man can fool woman we will need to watch the movie.

Kanchan Awasthi debuts with this film. She plays one of the wives of Arhsad Warsi. Speaking about the film, she says, “We are already married. I belong to Benaras. And in the film, I am waiting for my husband (Arshad) to be back home. How he tries to fool me emotionally giving away some lame excuses. He is handling four women at a time. Very smartly he manages to fool each one of us. But in the climax scene we all four women come together and that’s when his secret is revealed.”

Adding more Kanchan says, “Working with Arshad was indeed fun. I was really happy to note the minute detailing that he works on with his comic timings. Needless to say, whenever I may get to do another comedy film, I will also use those tricks now. Arshad is meticulous in his comic timings. We all enjoyed a lot on the sets. I was also happy to note that Arshad is such an amicable persona and never makes you feel intimidated at all.”