Two decades of Hrithik

The Asian Age.  | Uma Ramasubramanian

Entertainment, Bollywood

The actor looks back at his journey, finding fulfilment and giving back to his fans.

Hrithik Roshan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan, who kickstarted his career with Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, in 2000 will be completing 20 years in the industry in 2020.

Looking back at his journey with pride, the actor says, “It’s all been good. I think I have done well to be finding composure in front of the camera. When I started out I was operating on one gear, which was fear. I was operating with fear and restlessness and I think the entire 20 years has been a journey to find composure. I have started experiencing this with my last two films. So I am happy to get to this point in my career and its been fulfilling in terms of the acceptance that I have received.”

Last seen in WAR, Hrithik is riding an all-time career high.

“I am trying to find ways to give back to my fans because what they have given me is more than what I deserve. I have to be reminded that I have to project a certain stance, I have to do it like a star because I am a star. I enjoy that I have to be reminded, which I feel is a good thing because somewhere I feel I have not been taken over by its illusion,” the actor further shares.