Pooja Bhatt's second book to be on dad Mahesh Bhatt

The idea of working on an autobiography too has come up for Pooja Bhatt.

Update: 2018-03-19 18:46 GMT
Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt

Even as actress-producer Pooja Bhatt’s first book, which focuses on her battle with alcoholism, awaits release, she’s already started working on her second project. 

And it comes as no surprise to know that Pooja’s next book is on her father, the very controversial, yet interesting Mahesh Bhatt. 

Says the new author, “Yes, I’ve already started work on my second book. It’s on my father.” She promises a no-holds-barred look into the life of the man who has influenced not just her, but generations of filmmakers in India. 

Says the proud daughter, “Mahesh Bhatt has taught me all that I know about sharing an equation with people. What my father has taught me is that you can lie to anyone, but not to yourself.”

The idea of working on an autobiography too has come up for Pooja. “A friend suggested I write mine,” she says. “But I have to tell the truth. And I can’t do that, because it involves other people’s lives. What would we be without those who are a part of our lives? As I grow older, I realise that just because I’m so obsessed with the truth, it doesn’t mean that everyone else in my life is equally comfortable with it.”

Before plunging into the book on her father, she had a heart-to-heart on that subject with him, and received his go-ahead for an honest biography.

“Integrity, courage and passion are what I’ve inherited from my father,” she signs off.


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