Happy birthday Katrina Kaif: 5 things we must learn from the actress

The Asian Age.  | Shaheen Irani

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Katrina Kaif, if not as an actor, is somebody every person out there should seek inspiration from as a human.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif may be criticized for her acting at all times, but as a human, Kat is somebody every person out there should seek inspiration from. And we aren’t saying she’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’, but Katrina truly has some special qualities in her, otherwise you only think, why would Salman Khan Bhaijaan be still smitten by her?

As she turned 35 today, here are some things you should definitely learn from Katrina Kaif for a better life and to be more loved by people around you:

1. Hardworking

On the sets, in the gym, when practicing dance, there’s no way you can beat The Katrina Kaif. Many celebs have confessed about the same, most recent being Sonakshi Sinha.

2. Punctual

Her co-stars swear that the actress is committed to her commitments and is often on time and some times even before time when she’s needed.

3. Gives an opinion only when called for and friends with everyone

Katrina Kaif isn’t loud-mouthed, in fact she’s the very opposite of that as she is soft-spoken and a great friend, who will tell you what you want to hear only if you need her opinion on something.

4. Matured to not defame anyone

Apart from her opinions on love and break-ups, Katrina also keeps a dignified front and never ever speaks ill of anyone, even if they would’ve hurt her in unimaginable ways.

5. Family comes first

Even on her birthday today, Katrina took time out to be with her sisters and mother, her family as she treated them to a secret getaway, reportedly some place near her heartland London.