Aamir Khan ‘recovering’ from Thugs of Hindostan debacle


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The star says he is on a diet to get into shape for his next film, but refuses to divulge any more details.

Aamir Khan

Ask Aamir Khan how he has been coping with the lacklustre performance of his last release Thugs of Hindostan and the actor smiles as he says, “I am recovering.”

The actor was spotted attending a brunch at a new restaurant owned by Basab Paul who is both his friend and also his ex-brother-in-law, as he is married to Anu, the sister of Aamir’s ex-wife, Reena Dutta.

“We are related. It’s a long relationship. I don’t know if we are even related now,” Aamir chuckles.

Basab quickly butts in, “We are related in two ways. One relationship is going, but the other one is coming!” We are not sure what that means though!

In the meanwhile, Aamir is working on his next film, but refuses to divulge anything more. He volunteers though, “I used to love my brunches, but I am on a strict diet at the moment. I can tell you that this diet is for my next film, but I cannot tell you which one it is. I am getting back into shape for it. I want to only talk about the restaurant now,” is all he offers.
— Sanskriti Media