Hrithik’s endearing message

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The actor congratulated the graduates of 2020, saying that that the finest steel must endure the hottest fires

Hrithik Roshan

As the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been playing party pooper on all the graduation ceremonies this year, Hrithik Roshan has stepped up to boost the morale of the class of 2020.

In an address to this year’s graduates, the Jodha Akbar actor praised the efforts of the teachers and students to have stood determined in the face of the current testing times. Giving a glimpse of his message, the actor shared a part of his address on his social media website.

“I almost feel envious of all of you because I truly feel that you guys are the chosen ones. So much of the world and what it's going to be depends on you, your choices, and your attitude during this time,” said the Dhoom 2 actor. Adding further, Hrithik said, “I always believed that the finest steel must go through the hottest fire, and that is what I have based my life on.”

The actor, who was recently invited to become a member of the Academy, reminded the students to be hopeful.

He said, “Don’t feel disheartened. Life is more than what meets the eye, so believe. Some of us in times of disorder, chaos, and uncertainty can be fragile; some of us can be strong and stay unaffected. What I want you to be is the kind that improves in that chaos, discomfort, uncertainty, and disorder  that for me is an adventure, beyond the intellect, it is really about the soul. If you can be that, you are going to see the magic happen.”