PM Modi unveils new tax platform, says tax paying to become seamless, painless, faceless


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Faceless assessment & taxpayers charter come in force from today, whereas faceless service will be available from September 25, Modi said

PM Modi launches platform for Transparent Taxation - Honoring the Honest. (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a platform to honour the honest taxpayers of the country. He said that it will be a new milestone in the structural reforms initiaited by the government.

"The government is now focussing on making tax-paying seamless, painless, faceless. Faceless as it shouldn't matter who is paying tax and who is tax officer," said PM Modi in his video conference address.

“The ‘Transparent Taxation - Honoring The Honest’ platform will bring in faceless assessment, faceless appeal, and taxpayers’ charter. Faceless assessment & taxpayers charter come in force from today, whereas faceless appeal service will be available from September 25,” PM Modi said.

"The taxpayer will now be given the respect they deserve. The taxpayer will now be trusted, not looked at with doubt. The (tax) department will have to carry out the steps and processes in a time-bound manner," PM Modi said.

The Budget for fiscal 2021 had announced a "taxpayer charter", which is expected to have statutory status and will empower citizens by ensuring time-bound services by the Income Tax Department. This has come into effect now.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT has carried out several major tax reforms in direct taxes in the recent years, the statement pointed out. Last year, corporate tax rates were reduced from 30 per cent to 22 per cent, and for new manufacturing units, the rates were reduced to 15 per cent. Dividend distribution tax was abolished.