Turn crisis into opportunity, says PM Modi; reiterates self-reliance


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PM Modi said that the government has reformed many sectors, it is now time for indsutry and youth to take benefit of those reforms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: Prime minister Narendra Modi delivers the inaugural address of the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) via video conferencing.  Amid many challenges that the country is facing, PM Modi reiterated his dream for self reliant India and said that Indians must now work to turn the crisis at hand into an opportunity.

"I see people thinking kaash (I wish) we were self-reliant in medical equipment, I wish we were self-reliant in manufacturing PPE kits, I wish we were self-reliant in defence production, I wish we were self-reliant in manufacturing all that we buy or consume. I see countless such kaash in Indians today. The solution to all this can only come from atma nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)," said Narendra Modi during the session.

PM Modi said that the government has reformed many sectors, it is now time for industry and youth to come forward and take benefit of those reforms.

"When we buy something from our local traders, we don’t only encourage India’s self-reliance, we value the labour as well, also self-reliance starts from family. Every child is told to become self-reliant once they reach the age of 18," said Prime minister.

Speaking at the event, PM modi said that every Indian has been dreaming of self- reliance in various sector such as aviation, defence etc.

"Have to take steps to ensure that products which we are forced to import from elsewhere are manufactured in India," said PM Modi.

Prime Minister said that the Digital India initiative has helped India's have nots category as they now have access to DBT accounts etc.

India is currently challenging multiple challenges such as coronavirus, cyclones, earthquakes etc, he said.

Earlier this month,the prime minister delivered the inaugural address on the occasion the 125th anniversary of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). During the session, PM Modi said that India is on the path to regaining economic growth as the country enters the phase of ‘Unlock-1’ to gradually lift Covid-19 lockdown measure and boost economic activity.