India Inc prefers mobile phones for talent acquisition: report

TeamLease says there is also a growing acceptance for tech tools like analytics and machine-based hiring.

Update: 2017-02-13 09:46 GMT
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New Delhi: The use of mobile has changed not only the way we shop and transact, but also the way organisations hire as 85 per cent of businesses across India utilise them for talent acquisition, says a TeamLease report.

According to TeamLease - The New Hiring Landscape Report, the adoption of technology for hiring is not just restricted to usage of mobile phones, there is also a growing acceptance for tech tools like analytics and machine-based hiring.

"The preference and dependence on digitised hiring is rapidly progressing and the corresponding value that companies derive from them is substantial," TeamLease Services Executive Vice President & Co-Founder Rituparna Chakraborty said.

The study further noted that small business seems to be warming up to the concept of mobile based hiring faster than established corporates. More than 44 per cent of the small medium enterprises use mobiles phones for hiring.

According to hiring managers, apart from saving cost and decreasing the time-to-hire period, it improves the interview to select ratio. "New age hiring tools not only provide answes to age old dilemmas like intuition vs machine based intelligence hiring, but big data and predictive analysis eliminates human bias and automates the process to enable agile and effective hiring, especially in the SME and traditional sectors like manufacturing and engineering," Chakraborty said.

Further, the dependence on technology also helps them to cut down the bias that dominates the traditional hiring system as machine based hiring offers a 20-25 per cent higher yield. "These recruitment tools don't just enable reach and redefine hiring practices, they also do considerable value add with superior sourcing and providing companies with preferred medium to build the employer brand," she added.

The report also noted that crowd and social-sourcing are transforming the talent demand-supply equation, and along with the rapid adoption of mobile-social, it is revolutionising talent acquisition.

Professional networks such as LinkedIn and social networks such as Facebook are key source of sourcing talent, the report said adding popularity of social media and referrals is also accelerating.


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