An uber Jean pool

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Precious stones adorn some of these denims that are among the most expensive in the world.

Secret Circus: $1.3 million

Jeans have always been a staple in everybody’s wardrobe, occupying at least three to four of our weekly outfits. Some of the characteristics that have made this item of clothing so popular are their durability, comfort, and most importantly their worth. Some of these pairs of jeans, however, defy that most important characteristic. Be prepared to be amazed!

Secret Circus: $1.3 million

How to make your behind look like a million bucks? Apparently by wearing it with 15 gorgeous diamonds encrusted on your jeans! Specifically, a 4.63 carat marquise cut diamond worth £102,000; two 6 carat round brilliant cut diamonds worth £250,000 each; one 5.09 carat princess cut worth £104,000; one 5.27 pear cut worth £134,000 and finally, 10 single carat diamonds worth £50,000. Irma Matulionyte modelled them at the label’s launch at the London Fashion Week, and since then, it has stirred up quite a buzz. As the name suggests, it’s all one big secret! They also won’t reveal the identity of the customer who purchased the jeans, but we do know they had a 27” waist!

Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim: $250,000

You’d think men aren’t all about the bling, but this should prove otherwise. Made especially for men, this pair comes with a special skull and skeleton style chain. Before the completion of this jean, the fabric was washed more than 13 times. It is designed with one carat rubies, eight diamonds, 1,080 grams of gold, making it uber precious at $250,000!

Escada: $10,000

Escada has made quite a name for itself in the fashion world and with their custom-made jeans, they’re here to stay. Designers of the brand custom make each pair of jeans so their customers can have the perfect fit! The customisations include elaborate embroidery, crystals, cuts, etc., and that’s why one pair of their Swarovski encrusted jeans costs $10,000.

Gucci: $3,100

Gucci has been a common name in the house of high fashion — with their elegant and sophisticated designs, they are always setting new trends. This brand even entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive jeans —$3,100.

Apo: $4,000

APO jeans is another company that uses gems and precious metals to adorn their fabrics. One can spot silk pockets and silver or gold rivets on their range of customisable jeans. And because of this elaborate detailing, a pair of these jeans cost $4,000.

Levi’s: $60,000

The world renowned jeans brand Levi Strauss & Co has provided its customers with perfectly affordable and durable jeans in varied patterns and fits, and has always given us a sense of worth for money. However, a pair of Levi Strauss 501 jeans defies this perception, being sold at an auction for $60,000 to a Japanese collector! So much for affordability.