Baubles that break the bank

The Asian Age.

Have yourself a merry ‘little’ christmas while you look wide-eyed in wonder at the most exorbitant ornaments across the world.

Solid Gold Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season upon us, scrumptious plum cakes, stockings filled with gifts, Christmas trees and its ornaments are the merry way forward. Yet, there are folks across the world that take that ordinary ornament and bauble to break a bank! These Xmasy ornaments are not only stunning but the most exclusive, expensive and out-landish to decorate your home during this season of cheer. Bejwelled, gold laden, precious gems, there is no limit to how ostentatious that Xmas tree can get!

Christmas bauble Rs 97,62,760

Baubles are one of the most important tree decorations around the world. But why spend on many baubles when you can have just one that outshines the other? Designed by Mark Hussey, this special bauble took a year to complete. It’s bedecked with 500 diamonds, three of them of one carat each, and circled by two rings that boast 188 rubies.

Solid Gold Christmas Tree – Rs 13,99,80,750

This Christmas tree definitely means serious business. Standing 2.4 metres in height and weighing over 12 kg, the tree was designed by Tokyo jeweller Ginza Tanaka, and is made of 24 carat solid gold. The tree boasts golden plates and heart-shaped ornaments made of solid gold. Get ready to spend a whopping Rs 13 crores on this tree if you want it to jazz up your house this Christmas season. 

Gold Santa Figurine – Rs 11,48,56,000

Gold Santa Figurine

This little guy should be at the top of your shopping list this season if you want to truly have a very merry Christmas. He is a 20 kg solid gold guy with his bag made out of gold wiring as well, and his belt has a diamond encrusted. If a Santa is a must during a Christmas season, this little guy costs a pretty penny!

Diamond Christmas Wreath – Rs 33,02,11,000

Diamond Christmas

This is one wreath that you will think hundred times before placing on your door. Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter designed this unique wreath. He used 40 astonishing diamonds and rubies, decorating some of the most luxurious flowers in the world, such as Hedera berries, Nobilis, lingoberry and blueberry stems, Helleborus flower heads and eucalyptus leaves. So get really to shell out almost Rs 33 crores for this wreath.

Diamond-Studded Christmas Star – Rs 6,81,95,750

Diamond-Studded Christmas

The crowning glory of every Christmas tree is the star that is placed on the very top of it. This Christmas tree star is made of gold, with a little silver, and embellished with 281 diamonds, plus an astonishing 5 carat D flawless rare diamond right at the centre. This star has earned the name of the most glamorous star in the world.


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