Healthify your parties!

The Asian Age.

Try these simple yet palate quenching dishes and throw a bash you you will be proud of.

Virgin cocktail parties are the new way of bonding among millennials! here are a few recipes to make you the best host in town!

Millennials today are choosing the healthy way of life and this new trend – Virgin Cocktail Parties proves it. Who says you need alcohol to set the mood for a party? With scrumptious food, awesome company and fizzy mocktails you can have the quintessential satisfaction of a fun gathering. However, the trick for hosting a successful get-together lies in the finishing touches you use to spruce up the snacks and delicacies on offer. Fusion cuisine can be an awesome crowd pleaser. The food you serve can also lead to a fun banter and guessing the ingredients in the dishes can be a fun way to break the ice in the room. Try these simple yet palate quenching dishes and throw a bash you you will be proud of.

Quick White chocolate, saffron and pistachio mousse

White chocolate     1 cup
Full cream    1 cup
Saffron     6/8             strands
Pistachios     1/2 cup blanched and skinned and oasted and then sliced
Whipped cream     1 cup


Heat water in a small vessel take off the flame and add the saffron let it infuse for a few minutes

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Chop up the white chocolate into smaller bits

Put the cream to boil add the saffron mix till it dissolved and gives a nice bright colour.

Add the cream to the white chocolate and give it a mix

Add 3/4 th of the pistachios to the mix

Once it reached room temperature fold in the whipped cream

Put over in desired glass jars

Top up with choice of garnish with leftover pistachios, rose petals , other edible flowers and silver leaves.

Palak ki chaat 

Palak    1/2 cup
Gram flour    1/2 cup
Rice flour    3 tablespoon
Water      1/2 cup
Salt    to taste
Red Chilli Powder    to taste  

Sweet chutney  
Soaked tamarind
water    1 cup
Sugar       4 tablespoon
Roasted and crushed cumin
powder     1/2 cup
Corn flour           1 tsp
Salt       to taste  
Black salt     to taste  
Jong    one pinch

Green Chutney
Coriander leaves    1 Cup
Mint leaves    1/2 Cup
Ginger     1 Small piece
Green Chillies    1/2 of green chilli
Lemon Juice    1/2 lemon
Salt     to taste

Sweet curd     
Thick curd     1 Cup
Sugar     3 table spoon


Boil all the ingredients for the sweet chutney on a low flame till it becomes thick. Turn off little before the desired consistency since it will thicken as it cools

Grind all ingredients for coriander chutney

Whisk all ingredients for sweet curd

Mix all ingredients to make the batter thick enough to just have a thin coat on the palak

Heat oil in a Kadai

Deep fry palak batter

Place crunchy spinach leaves. Add sweet curd and garnish with 2 chutneys and Pomegranate seeds, Red chilli powder, Cumin powder, Black salt and Coriander

Beetroot and feta Shammi kebab

Beetroot      1 cup grated
Potato     1/4th cup boiled and mashed
Feta cheese     1/2 cup grated
Bread crumbs     2-3 tablespoon
Salt     to taste ( depending on, as feta             cheese is salty)
Crushed pepper     to taste
Green chilly    2 tsp crushed
Ginger    2 tsp  crushed
Dill leaves     1/4 cup chopped, (optional)
Arrowroot powder     1/4 tsp


Mix all the ingredients well and make a soft dough like consistency

Shape this dough into small flat Tikkis or add a bit of fun and make shapes as you please  

Shallow fry the tikki until it's brown  

Garnish the hot and delicious Beetroot and Freta Shami Kababs with coriander and serve with chutney 

Pineapple Shikanji with mint and jellied basil seeds

Fresh pineapple juice     1 glass
Lemon         Juice of                 1/2 lemon
Black salt        1/4 tsp
White salt         pinch
Black pepper         pinch
Cumin powder         1/4 tsp
Muddled mint leaves     few
o Basil seeds         1 tsp - presoaked             for half an             hour

Mix all the ingredients.
Refrigerate this drink to a temperature you prefer or you can add a few ice cubes and enjoy this slurpy concoction