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Street photographer Sashi Bhusan Das began clicking photographs to satisfy the creative person in him.

Why so savoury? A street sight from Puri.

Sashi Bhusan Das is a financier by profession and a street shooter by passion. Hailing from Bhubaneswar and presently staying in Mumbai, Sashi started capturing moments on lens when his life became monotonous, and wanted to look for creative things.

Moving on amidst cyclonic debris in Odisha

“My journey into the world of photography began when my wife prompted me to buy a decent camera for personal use. The machine that paints with light winked at me and the creative person inside me was inspired into capture moments,” shares Sashi. Having invested a sizable amount in the camera, he started looking for learning the craft and slowly got heavily interested in street photography, which was creative, challenging and completely committed to the genre.

Houdini act: Kids play in the river in Puri

In his own words, “The thrill and excitement of getting that one ‘oh my god moment’ keeps me motivated to go back to the street, even though the success rate is way below one per cent in street photography. You can’t expect what’s coming next from the subjects or the place you are shooting or what the outcome of a situation would be. The percentage of failure in street photography keeps me craving for that one image, which satisfies my creative expression. Slowly, I moved from DSLR to small size mirror-less camera which has helped me a lot,” he explains.  

Fishing out life in Versova

Sashi’s ongoing series ‘Spirit of Football’, covering various locations of India, has been published in leading newspapers and on photography websites. His recent work on Cyclone Fani was also recognised.

When quizzed about his dream project, he says, “When I started street photography, I always thought of coming up with a photobook with 50 of my best images at the age of 50. Apart from that, documenting Jammu and Kashmir in its true essence is another dream.”