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Goyard luggage

Suitcases have more history and luxury associated with them than we actually know or even think of. Initially designed specifically for men’s suits and occasionally with a hat compartment, suitcases have today become an inevitable part of journeys around the world. Over the years, they have undergone numerous changes in terms of size, design and material used according to the utility, the era in which they are designed and also technology.

While they are a travel staple, there are certain rare and unique suitcases in the world market that are known for their luxury, which reflects in their price tag.
Louis Vuitton and Hermes are well-known brands, but sporting a Goyard product — a 200-hundred year old French company — is the ultimate status symbol which the elite, rich and famous opt for.

Goyard doesn’t believe in publicity. They are very discreet, and as quoted in an international magazine, www.businessinsider they, “believe that whispering softly in someone’s ears is not only more elegant, but also much more efficient than screaming at the top of one’s lungs.”!

Louis Vuitton Trunk by Michael Clarke: Rs 1,18,06,925

The Louis Vuitton luggage range is the ultimate sign of luxury. Over the years, the brand has collaborated with many celebrities to bring out customised products that are not just extravagantly priced, but also intended for philanthropic purposes. One such product is the customised LV trunk created by Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke, who collaborated with LV to create a special order Cricket Trunk, the proceeds of which were intended to benefit The Sydney Children’s Hospital. With a height of 140 cm and a graphite canvas, this opulent trunk has enough space for bats, blazers, baggy greens and most importantly, a Bose sound system all designed by the sportsman.

Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase Rs 37,01,818

Italian luxury goods company Bottega Veneta’s Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase is designed to handle heavy travel along with durability and strength. Marked by brass details and a lock-and-key buckle for added safety, the suitcase also includes an internal elastic pocket and a garment bag for further functionality.

Henk Carbon Bulletproof Attaché Rs 14, 00,000-25,00,000

Advertised as “probably the most secure and luxurious attaché in the world”, this over-the-top bulletproof suitcase by luxury luggage manufacturer Henk is a little like a supercar roadster. The flagship model includes a removable carbon humidor, calfskin leather exterior, 24-carat gold-plated hardware and personal monogramming. The unique feature of the suitcase, which probably only Henk can provide, is that its carbon fiber shell can be reinforced with bulletproof armoring. The 10 mm protective layer is capable of stopping bomb fragments and even a 0.44 Magnum bullet from a range of eight meters.

Tecknomonster Vitus Trunk Set: Rs 88,00,759

One who owns this trunk set would surely not trust baggage handlers with them! Created for the widely travelling businessman, the Tecknomonster is the only suitcase of its kind in the world. In addition to a wheeled cabin trolley, the main trunk is made from glossy carbon fiber material with brass closure mechanisms, crocodile skin handles, and a quilted leather interior. But it’s what’s inside the trunk that qualifies it to be priced on par with a small house. It has a small walk-in closet, fitted with three sliding drawers, a wardrobe and hangers, and several smaller pouches for watches, belts, jewellery and cufflinks.

Gucci Diamante Heritage Trunk Rs 34,24,131

If not Louis Vuitton, Gucci’s Diamante Lux Leather Heritage Travel Trunk is a stunning example of another high-end option for travel. Designed to primarily hold garments, the made-to-order handcrafted leather travel trunk is more feminine and contains five drawers, six wooden hangers, a canvas garment bag and a removable canvas storage box.