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Hobbynobbing clicks

Published : Nov 25, 2018, 12:10 am IST
Updated : Nov 25, 2018, 12:10 am IST

Dabbling in photography this Kanpur-based photographer is always on a subject-search.


Vijay Tripathi’s journey is a story about following one’s heart, turning a hobby into a full-time job. The Kanpur-based finance professional who works as the CFO for an IT company, a passionate photographer, says, “I was always intrigued by street portraits of renowned photographers. I’m still curious about how they can bring out emotions in their subjects and capture the right moment. I started as a hobby photographer, tried every genre and finally am finding my liking in street portraits and conceptual photography.”

JourneyJourneyOne more dayOne more dayMind your own businessMind your own business

Having won a few awards in online competitions, a few blue ribbons in the DPC forum which is among the prestigious forums for photographers, he puts up most of his work on Instagram; A handle with a splash of colours and faces which hide emotions and messages which unfold itself with every glance. That has been his journey from a novice photographer till today.

Alter egoAlter egoBroken ManBroken Man

He is currently working on a project which focuses on two areas covering the life of aged people of Hong Kong from all walks of life, and another project covering homeless migrants from PRC working in Hong Kong. What started as a hobby is now a medium for him to express his feelings and understand the peculiarities of human nature.

InnocenceInnocenceMaskMaskIf you just smileIf you just smile

Talking about his work and life as a photographer, he says, “In every photo, I would like to bring out the subject’s emotion and feelings. In a few of my pictures, I have attempted to portray emptiness, innocence and curiosity to the world and its inner struggle. I would like to graduate from hobby photography to a full-time pro photographer in the coming years.”

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