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Natural drama

Published : Apr 23, 2017, 6:02 am IST
Updated : Apr 23, 2017, 6:02 am IST

From portraits of monks to movie-inspired compositions, lenswoman Sharanya Chander creates drama with her camera.

A world on the other side of the door
 A world on the other side of the door

Anaturalist, photojournalist and cinematographer, Sharanya Chander is one of the most popular young talents on the photography scene, with her journals chronicling her travels across India and Asia, gaining fame on social media. Her latest series on monks across Asia is particularly intriguing, as she delved deep into understanding their way of life to document their journey.

The perfect disguiseThe perfect disguise

In search of peaceIn search of peace

“I completed my Masters under the guidance of Iqbal K. Mohammed of the Light and Life Academy, and now specialise in architecture, portrait, nature, product and travel photography,” says the 24-year-old Chennaiite, who remains unperturbed by the sudden boom of photographers in the country.

The perfect sunsetThe perfect sunset

Free flowing laughter Free flowing laughter

“The wanderlust bug bit me, and that led to my travels across the continent. Add to that my craze for movies. I am a huge movie  buff and most of my photographs are inspired by films — like the colour palette that I use in my work. I frame my pictures with movie visuals in mind,” says Sharanya.

Bolt of lightningBolt of lightning

Control and chaosControl and chaos

Escape back in timeEscape back in time

New York-based Joey L., Chrisk Burkard and UN photographer John Isaac are her inspirations. “The photography scene in the country is still in an experimental stage and people are open to new ideas, so it’s very encouraging,” she adds. The youngster is getting ready for the big league now. “I recently ventured into cinematography and my ultimate aim is to get into movies as a director of photography. It has been three months since I turned assistant cinematographer and it is extremely tough. But, I’m sure I will pick up the craft soon,” she says.

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