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  Age on Sunday   22 Jan 2017  It’s a dog’s world!

It’s a dog’s world!

Published : Jan 22, 2017, 6:42 am IST
Updated : Jan 22, 2017, 6:43 am IST

If you have the moolah and wanted to pamper your pet, check out these pricey homes.

Andy Ramus Designed Dog House
 Andy Ramus Designed Dog House

Every pet parent likes to pamper his/her dog, so much so that they spend almost their entire salary on their precious pooches. But there are some dog lovers who take their love to an extreme. Here are some the priciest dog houses from around the world:

Andy Ramus Designed Dog House: $4,17,000
Designed by architect Andy Ramus, this is the most extravagant, feature-rich dog house in the whole wide world. Some of the coolest features include sheepskin-lined, raised beds which allows the dogs to keep guard out of the windows, a lounge where they can listen to a $18,000 sound system or enjoy shows on a 52 inch plasma screen TV, a retina-controlled ‘dogflap’ that allows them to come and go from the zinc, glass and limestone home with ease, a temperature-regulated Dogspa (with saline purification system) will ease their muscles and clean their coats after a hard day, and cameras all around the property that allows the owner to watch his/her dogs online, wherever they roam. The dog house is divided into two bedrooms, and living room, all with the heat controlled remotely via the internet. Jealous? Well, it’s dog’s world after all!

Home Replica:  $25,000
This doghouse can give your dog the feel of your own home as it is designed as a replica. The designers of this house take the blueprints of the owners and use them to make the exact replica of your house. The idea is to make your pup feel “at home” and enjoy the same lifestyle and comfort as you do.

Home Replica

Swiss Chalet Dog Home: $5,300
This is another dog house, which finds its name on the list of the top expensive luxury dog houses in the world. This is a dog home makes the dog feel that it is in the Swiss Alps. It also has replicas of planter boxes, shutters, balcony, siding and shingles.

Swiss Chalet Dog Home

The Mansion: $3,25,000
The Mansion, reportedly owned by hotel heiress Paris Hilton, was bought for her six pretty pooches. It has 300 square feet of space and looks like Paris’s own home. It has a chandelier and two floors among several other savvy features, so that one’s pet can relax and chill.

The Mansion

The Hacienda: $30,000
Yes, the customised dog home costs as much as a down payment on a real house but if you love your dog a little too much then it's the perfect haven for him/her.

The HaciendaThe Hacienda

With running water, activity area, everything in this dog house is custom made, from the terra cotta flooring to the red-clay tiled roof. Each turret of the house contains a tiled lounge space that remains cool during warm, sunny days.

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