Rajinikanth to find success after struggle

Ganesha predicts that though Rajinikanth may struggle, he will ultimately taste political success.

Superstar Rajinikanth ended 2017 by announcing his much-awaited political debut, and Ganesha predicts that just like his illustrious film career, he will make a mark in politics too.

With his unparalleled on-screen tricks, jugglery and stunts, Rajinikanth has won the hearts of movie-buffs across caste, creed, language and region in India and abroad. The superstar is not only one of the most popular actors in the entertainment industry, but also one of the most highly paid ones.

After the passing of Jayalalithaa last year, it was but natural for millions of Rajinikanth fans to turn to him to step into her shoes and enter politics. Though at first, the actor was non-committal, he slowly began to show interest and finally on December 31, 2017, he announced that he was joining active politics.

Rajini said that he would form a new party and contest all 234 seats in the next state elections, although he did not give any hint about which national party he would pledge his allegiance to. Ganesha predicts that though Rajinikanth may struggle, he will ultimately taste political success.

Rajinikanth Will Become A Very Powerful Politician

There are a number of favourable factors which suggest that Rajinikanth will become a very powerful politician. The Lord of ascendant Sun is placed in the fourth house, Venus, the Lord of tenth house is well placed in the fifth house and in its own house in the navamsa chart. Jupiter is placed in the seventh house and aspecting the ascendant while exalted Mars is in the sixth house.

Upcoming Years To Augur Well For Rajinikanth’s Political Career

Rajinikanth is passing through the Saturn mahadasha which is about to end. Due to the influence of Saturn, Rajinikanth had postponed his plan during 2017. However, he will soon enter Mercury mahadasha. Mercury is strong in the fifth house and is in conjunction with the Lord of the tenth house (house of career). It indicates that the forthcoming years will augur well for Rajinikanth’s political career.

Rajinikanth Will Have To Struggle, But He Will Overcome

Rajinikanth is passing through the sade sati period. This can be a distressing and struggle-ridden time combined with some delays and disappointments. Though Rajinikanth’s chart promises success, fame and authority, his path could be rather difficult, particularly during the year 2019.

The superstar-turned-politician has decided to contest all 234 seats in the 2021 state elections, during which time, he will be under the influence of the mid-phase of sade sati. It will be a period of success amidst stiff challenges and controversies.

The Venus bhukti as well as the transiting Jupiter will remain favourable for Rajinikanth, hence he will overcome all problems and make a mark in Tamil Nadu politics, particularly after May 2021.

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