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Here are some of the most expensive cameras that are super gadgets with unique and cool features.

Memories last forever, and a camera is something everyone treasures. Some cameras are really expensive but those obsessed with them don’t mind shelling out the moolah. Here are some of the most expensive cameras that are super gadgets with unique and cool features.

Canon EOS 800D, $62,490

A super camera with effective pixels of 24.2 MP and wi-fi available, this is truly a dream come true for its owners. Though it’s not water resistant or weather proof, it has many features including a touch screen panel and good touch controls. One can connect external mic for shooting videos with it. It contains ISO upto 25600 (effective to 51200) and the ease of touch screen in various angles is very useful. Also noteworthy are DualPixel autofocus, 45 AF Points, and new DIGIC7 Image processor. It has superb videography functions.

Canon EOS 800D

The Seitz 6×17 Panoramic, $43,000
This camera is capable of up to 160 million pixels. It can capture 300 megabytes of data every second, allowing you to capture the image quickly. The camera is easy to control and you can even preview and store the image via a connected tablet or computer. The camera is ideal for landscapes, group shots, fine art, architecture and any photography subject that require a high resolution.

The Seitz 6-17 Panoramic.

Leica 0-Serie Nr.107, $30,000
An original Leica O-Series Nr.107, this is the 7th camera of the Leica 0-series. Only approximately 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, two years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. It is the only camera known with “Germany” engraving on the top plate. The factory record indicates delivery to New York for patent applies. This means that this camera is not only one of the major existing rarities, it is also the first Leica being exported. This collectible Leica camera is a collector’s prized item.

Canon EOS 800D

The Leica S2-P, $1.89m
For those who engage in a lot of outdoor photography, this camera is a blessing. With 37.5 megapixel images and backed up by a sensor with 30 x 45 mm, the camera is not only water-resistant, but also has a battery with an extremely long life. There’s auto focus from the ultra wide to the super telephoto and the classic Leica outputs of sharp and clear colour in the pictures, making this the camera for the road.

The Leica S2-P

The Phase One P65+ $40,000
This is a medium format digital camera that has a full frame sensor. This sensor technology allows you to easily capture images of extremely high quality. The camera can be attached to the 645 DF body and even at an ISO of 3200, the camera can produce a picture of up to 15 megapixels.

The Phase One P65+

The Hasselblad H4D 200 MS, $45,000
From the best camera makers in the world, this has an astounding resolution of 200 million pixels that allows for amazing detail. The camera has a sensor mounted into a symmetrical multi shot frame. This allows the sensor to be precisely positioned, using what the company calls ‘piezo-electrical actuators’. Colour rendering issues are eliminated as a result.

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