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  Age on Sunday   09 Sep 2018  A kaleidoscope of colours!

A kaleidoscope of colours!

Published : Sep 9, 2018, 5:43 am IST
Updated : Sep 9, 2018, 5:43 am IST

A slef-taught photographer, Auditya Venkatesh’s images have garnered a huge fan following online.

A night view of the Jordan sky
 A night view of the Jordan sky

This Bengaluru boy was always intrigued by photography and decided to take it up professionally in 2010. A self-taught snapper, Auditya Venkatesh is also a road-tripper and filmmaker, whose images have ensured that he garners a humongous following online. Calling himself a ‘University of Google’ passout, Auditya reveals, “I have attended workshops but, I’ve mostly got my lessons online by following blogs and trends.”

Bangalore Sky Walk.Bangalore Sky Walk.


Petra by night.Petra by night.

Misty MountainsMisty Mountains

All his experiences as a child helped shaped this shutterbug’s vision. “I used to paint a lot when young. I love colours and patterns and my mum had this whole drawing kit, so I liked lines and shapes since childhood. All of these, are things I look for in photos — symmetry, lines and patterns. Earlier, I’d look for beautiful places to shoot, but now, it’s about making every day look beautiful — I strive for this in my images today.”

Sea of change.Sea of change.

The scenic Dal Lake and its reflection.The scenic Dal Lake and its reflection.

A shot of San Francisco.A shot of San Francisco.

In 2006, Auditya acquired his first digital camera and since then, he’s been shooting regularly. When he started off with photography, he shot parties and college fests and then moved onto capturing other events. “I was also shooting a lot of weddings in between, but I zeroed in on landscape and architecture and right now, I do that and also shoot a lot of travel images. I capture a lot with my smartphone — the Google Pixel 2XL too,” he says.


Reaching for the impossible.Reaching for the impossible.


Currently, Auditya is working on a range of challenging projects including a whole lot of product shoots. As part of his job, he gets to travel to exotic locations across the country — from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He’s also visited a plethora of international destinations including Germany, Australia and San Francisco. “An exciting project I did was the one in South Africa called ‘Meet South Africa with Jonty Rhodes’. While I’ve travelled across the globe, India remains my favourite destination to explore,” he smiles. 

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