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The ‘good’ martial law

Published : Jan 8, 2017, 1:59 am IST
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Here are a few exercises that will challenge you to push your limits and also keep fit and healthy.

Rope pull in pairs.
 Rope pull in pairs.

As much as mixed martial arts has become an essential part of self defense, martial artistes undergo various workouts to keep themselves fit. Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, functional fitness and parkour are some of the popular forms of martial arts. We focus on several exercises that help trainees to strengthen the muscles and also give them a better idea on how to move and use various muscles.

Rope pull in pairs
This workout can be done by people, who are progressing towards doing pull ups. It involves one person pulling the rope with alternating hands, with the other person slowly releasing the rope. There is a constant tension as the person releasing the rope yields very slowly so that the person pulling the rope needs to apply constant pulling power.


Target areas: Depending on posture — can work the biceps, lasts, shoulders and forearms.

Single bar push ups
This exercise is done with a single bar at an inclined position. More closer the pipe or bar is to the ground, the more difficult it gets. The person starts with the arms fully extended and well balanced. Then, in a slow smooth movement, the body is shifted to one side of the pipe and the opposite hand takes the full weight. If the person is going to the right side of the pipe, then the left hand takes all the weight. The right hand has to keep pulling to maintain the posture. Then the body is brought back to the beginning position with the pushing motion of the left arm. This workout is very different because of the pulling movement of one hand and the pushing movement of the other.


Target areas: Chest, shoulder, triceps and the entire core muscles.

Lunge position to box jumps
A variation of the traditional box jumps. The movement requires a stable platform of up to one particular height —not more than that. The starting position is a full lunge down position — with one knee pointing forward and the other knee resting on the ground. The person jumps from this position and lands with both feet on the knee high platform.

Target areas: Thigh muscles and core.

Line crawling
The movement is a basic crawl on all fours - with the hands flat and the balls of the feet on the ground. The knees should be off and the shins should be parallel to the ground. The person moves in a straight line without swaying the hips side to side or up and down. Maintaining the spine parallel to the ground, the body moves forward with crawling movement of hand and legs. The hands and feet should follow one straight line and must not be placed side to side as though crawling along a narrow trailing.


Target areas: Full body.

Knees to elbows
Begin the workout by hanging on to a pull up bar with your knees bent so that the thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep the shoulders active. Slowly raise your knees and hips together so that the knee touches the forearm and the spine is parallel to the ground. Avoid bending the elbows. Do not use momentum.

Target areas: Lats, shoulders and serratus anterior muscles.

The person has to stand on the left leg, bend down and put the hand on the ground. Then he/she has to crawl forward with both hands to a push up position, while keeping one leg in the air. Then crawl back to a standing position. The right knee can either be bent or kept straight depending on comfort level when the person crawls forward and back. The left leg should not move. Then shift to the right leg.


Target areas: Shoulder and core.

Shoulder rows
This workout can be done using either two strong bamboo sticks or iron pipes. Extreme care should be taken to maintain the balance of the body. The person can choose a particular angle to start from low position; the person can come up by extending the arms out, thereby pushing the pipes in a rowing motion. Beginners can keep their arms bent and pull up, while advanced practitioners can keep the arms straight and push from the shoulder blades.

Target areas: Shoulder girdle and trapezius muscle

Crawling up the wall
The workout begins with the person in a push up position, with the feet close to the wall. Then he/she has to crawl back towards the wall with the feet going up the wall. 


The movement ends with the person completely upside down and then move from crawling to a push up position.

Target areas: Works the shoulder, neck and core muscles.

The writer is head instructor/founder of a martial arts academy in Chennai. Along with his training partner Guruprasad, he aims to spread the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu in India.

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