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Katami 4X4: The New Craze

Published : May 7, 2017, 5:42 am IST
Updated : May 7, 2017, 5:42 am IST

This contemporary workout created by Paul Katami ensures that enthusiasts attain the fitness levels they aspire for.

Katami 4X4 has been created by fitness expert Paul Katami, who prides himself in being a world renowned and best-selling celebrity fitness trainer.
 Katami 4X4 has been created by fitness expert Paul Katami, who prides himself in being a world renowned and best-selling celebrity fitness trainer.

The world of fitness and well being is constantly evolving. Fitness trainers of today have taken it upon themselves to break free from the shackles of the traditional exercises and come up with wellness regimens that are both effective and less time consuming. Any fitness enthusiast wanting to reach the next level of core strength building, body toning and improving stamina must pay attention to the new workouts made available in the domain today and Katami 4X4 is one of the most refreshing new additions.

Katami 4X4 has been created by fitness expert Paul Katami, who prides himself in being a world renowned and best-selling celebrity fitness trainer. As the ultimate workout, Katami 4X4 provides trainees and fitness enthusiasts with the most comprehensive and dynamic fitness training that can be done within the comforts of one’s home or at a fitness studio. The programme is being further made popular by a team of celebrity fitness experts that have a deep-rooted understanding of personal training, nutrition, life skills, internal medicine and cooking. The unique fitness programme ensures that any participant is well equipped to attain the next level of fitness, achieve their body and endurance goals, have a healthy body and hence go on to living a healthy, happy life.


Essentially speaking, Katami 4X4 follows a scientific approach towards achieving remarkable results. The participants in this fitness regimen are able to slip into a workout and lifestyle routine that is the most customised and personalised for them. Instead of crash diets that are prone to be ineffective or that intensify eating disorders if left unregulated, Katami 4X4 provides enough vitality to carry on through the day.

While the Katami 4X4 exercise has been released on DVDs, it is a personal choice, whether one wishes to do the same at home, with a physical trainer or at a fitness studio. Performing the set of these exercises, under the supervision of a certified fitness expert trained in Katami 4X4, would further be beneficial in achieving the most coveted results in the minimum time possible.


There are four parts to this exercise: Each burst can be considered as a single phase of the Katami 4X4, with the same phase also being referred to as the Quad. The 4 phases in the workout regimen are titled as: I am Change, I am Athlete, I am Warrior, I am Hero. Each workout session comprises one minute of cardio, one minute of lower body, one minute of upper body and one minute of core building exercises, all of them repeated twice.

I Am athlete
Katami’s Complete Workout

One minute of lower body, to be repeated twice. Selects from options like Plie Squat, Lateral Step-Out Squat, Plank Leg Lift or Lying Leg Lift.

From the required exercises for developing lean muscles to the fundamentals of effective weight loss management, Katami 4X4 hence ensures that no body part is left out in the workout.

I AM change
The beginning

One minute of cardio, to be repeated twice. Selects from options like running or jumping rope.

The entire Katami 4X4 workout is planned in a very structured way. It starts with the BURST — a set of one minute exercises which are crafted in a way to reshape the body by specifically targeting parts and muscle groups, requiring maximum work. The BURST typically picks the best of cardio workout that there is and utilises the power of the same for completely redefining the body — its contours and strengths. The 4X4 suffix in the name of the exercise basically means a set of 4 bursts during the workout. These Bursts are aligned in a way to give the body the maximum boost in both, the lower and upper body regions, providing a fabulous full body workout and core training in every four minutes.


I Am warrior
The Quad Effect

One minute of upper body exercises, to be repeated twice. Selects from options like Chest Press, Arm Raise, Pushup On Ball, Bench Dip, Bicep Curl or Plank Row.

In essence, the Katami 4X4 workout, balancing between successions of bursts and quicker resting times, creates a sort of a harmonious “quad effect” in the body. Quad Effect is used to refer to a physiological state due to which the participant or the trainee enjoys an activated metabolism for the next 72 hours. As an immediate consequence of the Katami 4X4 workout, the participants feel an instant surge of energy levels, and attain new found levels of self-vigour and rejuvenation. As the results become glaringly visible in just a few days of this workout, the participants experience higher levels of self-motivation in sticking to the regimen and attaining the desired fitness goals.

I AM Hero
The Game-changer

One minute of core building exercises, to be repeated twice. Selects from options like crunches, planks, V-Ups or bicycle Kicks.

Katami 4X4 is being helmed as a game-changer in the field of fitness, for the very reason that it integrates every effective tool in a set of 4X4 exercises.

The author is a fitness enthusiast who motivates the elderly and the youth in calisthenics, power yoga, pilates, aerobics, kickboxing and weight training.

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