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Live a little easier

Published : Jan 7, 2018, 1:24 am IST
Updated : Jan 7, 2018, 1:24 am IST

The first generation of gizmos were mostly about saving time and efficiency.

The ambit has widened and the focus is more on improving the way in which we experience life.
 The ambit has widened and the focus is more on improving the way in which we experience life.

Jaison Lewis 

We are living in the future with gizmos that do everything from T-shirts that can give you a warm hug to robots that can brew that perfect cup of coffee and toilets that can automatically clean our tush. What will they invent next? We know… 

There are already a ton of quirky gadgets that transform our life for the better, but there is always something better lurking just around the corner. Here’s an insider’s peek into the best gadgets coming our way in 2018, which are guaranteed to make our lives just a little bit better. 

Avoid pollution

The air we breathe can be heavily polluted at times. So how do we know if the air around us is not deadly? A new tracker can help. Created by Plume Labs, it can sample the air in your immediate vicinity to check for harmful particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. These factors play a huge role in defining the quality of the air we breathe. 

Flow tracker also checks the reading and collates data from other flow trackers to tell you when the air is too harmful to breathe and even maps out routes you can take to avoid air pollution. It could certainly prove to be useful in our metros, which have seen a rise in air pollution levels.

The 2.5 micrometer particles in pollution can cause permanent damage to your lungs and are also associated with elevated risk of heart attacks and premature death. The device links with an accompanying app that tells you everything you need to know about the air around you and what you can do to protect yourself. 



Catch some fresh air

This falls on our ears just when we thought good sense had prevailed and ‘air pollution’ was a thing of an uncivilised past. But like it or not, air pollution is a major issue in most cities around the world. We are constantly putting ourselves in danger by breathing air that has a high level of toxins and particle matter. 

The market is flooded with air purifiers in different shapes and sizes but the tiny Wynd air purifier which resembles your tall coffee flask is really on the go! You could carry it in your office bag, baby pram or simply place it on the study table and envelop yourself in a pocket of fresh air. The air purifier aims to reduce the risk factor by absorbing the air around you and cleaning it to safe levels. The portable device has a built-in sensor that can detect pollutants in the vicinity and can then adjust the speed at which the air is filtered.

It has an 8-hour battery pack so you can use it on the move in your car or at a park, or even at a café. The filter in the device can also filter allergens like dust, animal hair and pollen, which can be useful for people with allergies. The tiny filter can last up to three months and a message on your phone will tell you when it’s time to change it. But hold your breath, you need to shell out Rs 12,800 to breathe easy. 


Visionary glasses

Visionary glasses

Dark sunglasses are de rigueur these days, but here’s a truly visionary innovation that allows the blind to see. Literally. Aira provides a way for the visually impaired to navigate their world with utmost confidence. The service, which combines smart glasses with an assistant service, can help you tackle any obstacle. Whether it be reading off a menu or an unexpected bump in the road. The glasses work when the user taps on the side of the device in a situation where they feel like they need assistance.

The user is instantly connected to a real person who will help them using a combination of video from the smart glasses, the Internet and GPS. Once the task is complete, the session can be ended by tapping at the side of the smart glasses again. The visually-impaired user can then rate the assistant for the service they have provided. The service plans begin at $89 (Rs 5,700 approx) and can go all the way up to $329 (Rs 21,200 approx). The price includes the smart glasses, the data required, training sessions and insurance for the hardware. Now, time to invent glasses that show people in their birthday suit!



Sleep watch

You think it could be the upper crust society blather but sleep apnea is a serious disorder where a person’s breathing is interrupted while sleeping. It has been linked to diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, let alone to an inability of having a decent night’s sleep. A 2009 AIIMS study found that approximately 13 per cent of the Indian population suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, but a large number of those cases go undiagnosed. But the Motio HW gadget promises to solve this problem by bringing the sleep lab to you. Traditionally, when you need to be tested for sleep apnea you head to a sleep lab, where you are hooked up to machines that help doctors monitor your sleep. Motio HW makes this equipment obsolete. The device collects heart rate, respiratory rate and a whole lot of data, which is then used to create a sleeping profile. The profile can be used to monitor and improve the quality of life of the person, minus the need for creepy strangers who watch you while you sleep. The company is tight lipped about the price and availability of the device for now. But watch out for this space if you have sleeping disorder. 



Keep it up

Keeping your little soldier at full attention is a little hard for men with erectile dysfunction. A new gadget called Stays-Hard aims to solve this floppy problem by providing scaffolding made of steel and plastic. The device essentially holds your penis erect as you enjoy a night filled with lovemaking. It follows the contour of the penis and can be disguised easily with a condom, if you want to be discreet.
The creator Richard Wylie, came up with the idea after consulting with several urologists from around the world. He spent seven years perfecting the design, fuelled by his passion to solve his own erectile problem that hit him after he turned 50. Stays-Hard comes in a variety of sizes and is priced at 49.95 pounds, which is around Rs 4,300.

The device is a perfect low-cost solution for people who would rather not go for the pharmaceuticals or the surgical options. So, if you want to go from flaccid to firm in a few seconds Stays-Hard is the solution for you. 



Fitness ring

Why would you wear an ugly plastic fitness band when you can see the same results with a sleek and sexy fitness ring. While wearing a fitness band all day is not comfortable and takes a long time to get used to, a ring on the other hand is familiar and is easier to adapt. The Motiv fitness ring battery lasts for three days on a two-hour charge and is completely waterproof. 

It can sync with your phone via Bluetooth automatically. If you don’t want to wait, rotate the ring on your finger a couple of times and you’ll be all synced up.
The gorgeous ring hides an accelerometer and an optical heart rate sensor. It can count your steps, track distance covered, calories burned, sleep duration and heart rate. Wireless updates keep the device up to date and provide new functionality and features over time. For now, the device only works with Apple devices, but the company is developing software to make it compatible with android devices. 


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