Shifu Orboot: VR the world!

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Shifu Orboot brings the globe alive for kids -- with Augmented Reality

You need to download the Orboot app from Google Play or App Store.

Imagine pointing a mobile phone or tablet at a point on a globe and having it burst open with information and 3-D animated images about that spot!

Bangalore-based startup PlayShifu has launched an innovative tool for kids aged 6 and above that does just that.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality fuelled toy named Shifu Orboot, consists of a sturdy plastic globe studded with images of the world's attractions, classified into animals, monuments, cuisine, inventions, maps etc. You need to download the Orboot app from Google Play or App Store. An adult has to do this (and pass a math test first!). Be warned the full-feature download is heavy -- some 800 MB.  I would have thought it was more practical to host the content on the cloud rather than taking up the space of user devices.

Then register your child and let him or her point the phone at stars printed all over the globe. Once matched a 3-D image pops up of that monument, animal or whatever.

You can 'walk' around the object and more clicks bring up a commentary about what the child is seeing. It can be very absorbing -- and educative... well worth the asking price of Rs 1999. Adults could get addicted too!