Mojo Networks launch of Mojo Aware Cognitive Wi-Fi in India


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Mojo Aware introduces a new way to manage WiFi networks

Mojo Networks with its technology innovation Mojo Aware Cognitive Wi-Fi is geared to work with various organisations or outfits within India that have embraced Smart cities in a big way.

Mojo Networks, a pioneer in cloud-managed Wi-Fi, recently introduced Mojo Aware, an advanced Cognitive WiFi platform that harnesses the power of cloud, big data, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to WiFi users.

For years, the WiFi industry has failed to provide direct insight into the WiFi client experience on the network, leaving network administrators to fend for themselves when it comes to WiFi troubleshooting.

Mojo Aware introduces a new way to manage WiFi networks. Its innovative cognition plane allows network administrators to visualize the quality of experience for all WiFi users-all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications they are using - and enables the network to adapt itself, proactively fixing problems whenever possible. Even if a user does report a problem, Mojo Aware facilitates quick resolution by pinpointing the root cause, even if it has nothing to do with WiFi. Mojo Cognitive WiFi delivers a high performance, scalable WiFi network that THINKS.

Mojo Networks with its technology innovation Mojo Aware Cognitive Wi-Fi is geared to work with various organisations or outfits within India that have embraced Smart cities in a big way. Smart cities are being built from the ground up to embrace smart devices and constant connectivity. These smart cities connect everything - buildings, lights, meters, and streets - to the Internet through the power of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the default medium for connectivity today. It carries about half of all Internet traffic and 10 times more traffic than cellular. It will be a crucial factor in upcoming developments, especially as cities, sporting areas, and businesses increasingly leverage connectivity for engagement, computing, entertainment, and smart devices.

"We are changing the scenario of Wi-Fi with the help of cloud and open standards. Cognitive Wi-Fi is designed to deliver very high quality and high speed Internet access in Enterprises, on college campuses, at public hotspots and in smart cities," said Pravin Bhagwat, Co-founder and CTO, Mojo Networks. "Our innovations empower IT with better user experiences, more options, and more velocity, all at much lower costs."