Blaupunkt launches Boombox BB35: the future of portable party speakers

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The Boombox also features true wireless connectivity where it can be paired with a second speaker for amplified sound.

You also get bright party lights that can be turned on or off.

Every once in a while there is a launch that resets the expectation from a segment. Blaupunkt seems to be doing this with amazing regularity. Now they have launched the Boombox BB35, a portable party speaker that has it all and even more.

To start with there is the sound. This is on another level. The Bass is thick and its deepness can be felt. The mid ranges and the highs are also sublime. Everything is balanced and the sound that pours out effortlessly is just perfect. All this comes from 2x3 inch woofers which are complimented by Dual Passive Radiators. In the end better tech always delivers better sound and this German iconic brand knows that.

The other tech that has got every tech guru excited is the new TWS or True Wireless Connectivity. Here two Boombox BB35s can be linked to become one. This doubles the output and creates a 30watts jumps to 60watts! You actually have to experience this to really see how it feels.

Then there are all the connectivity options. Here we get everything that is needed in today’s world. There is Bluetooth that pairs fast and easily. The range is great at 30ft (10mtrs) so you have the option of connecting and then moving around. Aux, SD, FM and USB have always been given by this German Brand and you get them here too.

The design is also very slick. Smooth edges, a round profile and premium materials make it quiet a looker. Everything is very premium and sophisticated. You also get bright party lights that can be turned on or off. These throb and pulse to the music and create a fantastic ambiance. Added to the great looks is the ability to take on the outdoors. An IPX5 rating means the BB35 is at home on the beach and any poolside. Splashes and dust mean nothing to it.

Battery power is more than expected. There is a 3000mAh battery that charges fast and once full delivers 7 hours of playtime at 50% volume.

All this performance comes at a very comfortable and competitive price of INR 3999.