These ‘Tower Speakers’ are tall in height and serious in sound

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The speakers support Karaoke function and have a bright LED display with wide view angle.

F&D has launched its newest & powerful "T88X", Multimedia Tower Speakers.

F&D has launched its newest & powerful "T88X", Multimedia Tower Speakers. The special edition floor-standing loudspeakers are packaged to offer 360 degrees of uncompromised audio performance and big cinema thrills with wonderful styling.

Embodying a brilliant engineering and modern design, it is equipped with a wooden enclosure and slim design which attunes your home décor and adds fashion to every room. The three-way acoustic design, utilizes 109inch sub-woofer for each channel, 1inch silk dome tweeter and 5.25inch woofer, for a smooth and powerful response. The cutting-edge technology with 300W RMS improves coverage of the speaker, with crisp and clear Music, with the perfect cinematic experience.

Sporting the powerful dual bass-reflex design, both the floor-standing speakers perfectly correspond to the components, creating a dynamic sound with each tone mapping a distortion-free deep bass foundation to crystal-clear highs. Save, store and play all your favourite radio stations uninterrupted as its digital FM works on PLL technology.

The Speaker works fully remote controlled with Digital audio support, through optical input, that enhances the sound controls. Bundled with the Wireless Karaoke Mic, the speaker allows you to create your own Karaoke studio.

The Tower Speakers can be easily connected to your PC, TV, MP3 player or DVD player, which also include a USB port. Aided with Bluetooth, FM Radio, HDMI (ARC), Optical, Coaxial and AUX inputs, your music is a command away.

Available with 1 Year warranty the speakers are already available with leading retail stores across India.