Smart taps: A Musical Shower

deccan chronicle  | vishnu anand

Technology, Gadgets

Tech has entered your bathroom. Now control your shower tap with your smartphone.

Smart IoT devices are now gaining higher ground with the newly released smart tap that can provide music and lights at the tap of a button.

Queo, the European makers of 'bespoke bathroom solutions' are tapping (pun intended!) into your bathroom fantasies. Their latest offering -- called Smartap -- is apparently the world's first complete smart bathing solution. It is supposed to create a relaxed ambience with customized music. The system lets you regulate the shower, bath and sink. And it lets you synchronize the music and water flow to match your hair-flips while you shower!

Smartap can be controlled through a smartphone app, voice commands via Amazon Echo or manual digital controllers. The system is intelligent enough to learn your lifestyle and personalizes your experience by identifying and creating 'scenarios' such as mist, tropical downpour, or a roaring jet stream. basically, depending on your mood, the flow of water and the auxiliary music and lights, create mood based themes inside the shower. You can also set user profiles with your own mix of shower elements.

The distributors in India are a bit coy when it comes to sharing the prices. When we peeked at the catalogue, we saw why. Let's just say the Queen of Sheba might - just --take it in her stride. May you be showered with good vibes all through 2019!