Parties call for Bharat Bandh over fuel price hike

The Asian Age.  | Amey Tirodkar

Metros, Mumbai

MPCC leader Chavan claims that it will be peaceful and with public’s support.

MNS was the latest party to take active part in bandh.

Mumbai: Congress and other opposition parties have given call for Bharat Bandh on Monday against the price hike of petrol, diesel. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) was the latest party to take active part in bandh. MNS leader has appealed to people not to venture out of their homes. Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam reached out to traders and retailers for support. However, he also appealed his workers not to damage any public property but actively participate in it.

As part of its nationwide bandh on Monday, September 10, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee leader Ashok Chavan appealed people to support it. “Everyday there is rise in petrol and diesel prices. Inflation is high in the middle of festival days. So, we all will have to join hands and protest against this anti people governments,” said Mr Chavan. He informed that Congress workers across the state are preparing for the bandh. He also claimed that it will be peaceful and with public’s support.

To prepare in Mumbai, Congress’s city chief Sanjay Nirupam reached out to shopkeepers in Andheri and at other places. “We have made a request to keep shops closed for the day. Mumbaikar are already facing higher rates of petrol and diesel than Delhi. So, we are sure that people will support us,” claimed Mr Nirupam.

Congress got shot in the arm as MNS supported its Bandh. Raj Thackeray issued a statement appealing his workers to actively participate in the protest. “MNS workers should see that no damage takes place to the public properties. But there should be active participation in bandh,” said Mr Thackeray.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has also made an appeal for bandh. “Common men are facing inflation.

Governments sat idle instead of giving relief to the people. In such case, we must protest against these governments. Nationalist Congress Party workers will actively participate in bandh,” said NCP’s state chief Jayant Patil.

Demand to reduce taxes
Congress president Ashok Chavan demanded to reduce the VAT and other taxes on petrol and diesel in state. “Government should find other way to increase the income of the state. Applying heavy taxes on petrol and diesel is not the answer. Petrol in Delhi is Rs 80 but in parts of Maharashtra, it has reached to Rs 90. This clearly shows how government is looting,” said Mr Chavan. He also taunted state government over advertising. “Reduce the budget of advertising. Do some work on ground. This will save crores of rupees,” taunted Mr Chavan.