BJP turns tables on Congress-NCP, asks ‘Laaj Vatat Nahi?’

The Asian Age.

Metros, Mumbai

The Opposition parties had planned to attack the saffron government’s policies through the ad campaign.

Vinod Tawde

Mumbai: A day after the Congress and NCP launched an ad campaign titled “Laj Vatat Nahi?” (Are you not ashamed?), the BJP rebutted the Opposition parties saying that the irrigation scam worth thousands of crores had taken place during the Congress-NCP regime. BJP leader and education minister questioned, “Why don’t they feel ashamed of it?”

In an apparent attack on former chief minister and Congress state president Ashok Chavan, Mr Tawde said that the Adarsh scam took place during his regime and even the chief minister’s post was vacated due to the scam. Weren’t they ashamed of it?

Without saying it, the BJP leader referred to former deputy chief minister and senior NCP leader, Ajit Pawar’s retort when farmers were demanding water. Mr Pawar had asked whether he should urinate in the dam to make water available. Are the Opposition parties not feeling ashamed of these things?

Mr Tawde asked how come the Opposition did not feel ashamed of the things they had done when asking “Laj Vatat Nahi?” as part of the campaign.

Mr Tawde said that the BJP-led government had been working for development for the last 4 to 5 years in the state and at the Centre. The security of the country had been strengthened. The country's economy had been boosted. The Opposition should feel proud of this rather than stooping so low for the sake of politics.

The Opposition parties had planned to attack the saffron government’s policies through the ad campaign with the tagline “Laj Vatat Nahi?” The Congress-NCP targeted BJP legislator Ram Kadam, who made the controversial statements, and Mr Tawde in the ad campaigns.

The NCP claimed that they tried to portray through the ad campaign what the people were thinking about the current dispensation.