Teledildonics is revolutionising cyber sex

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Wiereless synced sex toys for men and women can communicate with each other anwhere in the world.

It transforms live web cams from online strip clubs to virtual brothel (Photo: AFP)

Everyone wishes to improve their sex life by experimenting more to gain maximum pleasure, and technology has been aiding the enhancement of this experience for a while now.

Sex toys that started off with objects to assist kinky experiments in bed, seem to be taking over the entire experience in the near future since many are excited or scared about sex robots replacing human beings in bed. While sex dolls are being made realistic to the extent of allowing people to communicate through them on the internet, teledildonics seem to be revolutionising the sex industry.

There are several popular sites on the internet that offer a live webcam service where people can pay to watch people perform erotic acts online. Taking that a step ahead, teledildonics will allow people to feel as if they are having sex with the person.

The virtual intercourse will involve a headset and silicon body parts, as a site called CamSoda is already moving forward with incorporating wirelessly synced sex toys. The sex toys will be for men and for women, as they will connect via Bluetooth and communicate with each other from any part of the world.

The virtual reality experience not only makes people feel like they are having sex with each other, but it also responds to haptic feedback from the body. The technology can transform live webcam sites from strip shows to actual sex work.