Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

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Keep an eye out for these warning signs in a relatiponship.

Having a controlling partner is harmful for self-growth and it is better to distance yourself from them. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Relationships can be very fulfilling if you have the right person and just as disastrous if you are with someone who doesn’t respect you.

How do you indentify if your relationship has gone over to the toxic side? Some people are not able to identify wrong behaviour as they internalise it as the regular behaviour of the partner. Know when it is time to end the relationship before it is mentally and emotionally draining!

Signs that you need to watch out for:

Unapologetic behaviour

If your partner refuses to apologise for any of their mistakes, it could spell doom for the relationship. Such egoistic personalities can be harmful to the couple. They not only refuse to accept their own mistakes but they guilt-trip the partner as well.                

Such people also tend to be highly judgemental. They will judge your past and not get over it. Your partner will also judge those close to you, thus causing you more and more harm.

Controlling and abusive behaviour

This type of behaviour from either partner is harmful to the other.   They try to control every aspect of your life. Where you go, who are your friends, they want to be constant informed. But at the same, they are not willing to share any details of their life.

The partner can then have low-self esteem issues. It can also result in physical abuse so beware of the kind of behaviour your partner is showing.


A secretive partner is a danger sign. It is possible that they are cheating on you and is hiding something big. They don’t divulge any details of their life and make you seem like an outsider in your relationship.

Lack of work ethic

Someone with a laid-back professional life also would have a laid-back attitude in their personal life too. The wouldn’t respect your work, and ambitions either. Having such a partner is harmful for self-growth and it is better to distance yourself from them.