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Money plants and betta fish are the most popular choice for fish tank flower pots.

In plant pot aquariums, water serves as life to both the little fish and the plant, both of which feed each other transferring nutrients and eliminating their respective drawbacks.

Ever heard of aquaponics? It is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics where fish and plants grow together in one integrated system. A miniature system of aquaponics is the new cool trend in interior styling.

Plant pot aquarium or fish tank flower pot offers a refreshing feel to the space it adorns. Water serves as life to the little fish and the plant in it, both of which feed each other and transfer nutrients, eliminating their respective  drawbacks.

“With indoor plants, there’s always a risk of mosquito breeding, but plant pot aquariums ensure that the room remains disease-free. Maintenance is also very less. You just have to replace the water once in two weeks,” says Akhil, a salesman at an indoor plant shop.

The most preferred plants are money plant and lucky bamboo; a few go with peace lily, too. Among the fish breed, betta aka fighter fish is the best choice due to its case of less maintenance and popularity. “It has a great life term and is beautiful too,” reasons Akhil.

These crystal pots that keep your home or office cubicle fresh and lively come in various shapes and sizes. There are test tube-sized ones to those in the shapes of beaker, wine bottle, cube, mason jar, glass balloon, bubble bowls and even wall-mount mini aquarium! Pear-shaped flower vases to cylindrical jars to hanging bowls, these tanks come in a variety of styles.

Sprinkle a few decorative pebble shreds or gravel to add charm to your fish tank flower pot. Give this miniature ecosystem a good placing at your work space and watch how the life-brimming little bowl lifts your mood!