Pregnant doctor delivering another woman's baby goes into labour without realising it

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Dr Emily Jacobs didn't realise that her water broke and only got to know what had happened when she stepped out of the room.

A colleague of the doctor was present to deliver the baby (Photo: AFP)

Several stories including those of miraculous recovery and mind boggling conditions have been reported from different parts of the world. But there are always cases which can leave people astonished.

In a shocking incident from the US, a pregnant doctor went into labour while delivering another woman’s baby. What’s more bizarre is that she didn’t even know this despite her water breaking as she thought that the warm liquid was coming from her patient.

The delivery was the third one in the day for 28-year-old Dr Emily Jacobs when her son named Jett decided to arrive in the world four weeks earlier than expected. Dr Jacobs told Mirror that she noticed what she thought of as the amniotic fluid of her patient and only realised what was going on when she left the room.

Emily freaked out as she was still looking at patients as her superior told her to go back in the room and wait for a confirmation that her water had broken. After she received the confirmation, her colleague Kelly Ulmer was present to deliver the baby boy which turned out to be a special experience for the women.

Emily Jacobs said that the incident has made her more empathetic towards concerns of women who are expecting.